Was the RN really better in the Old Farts Day?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Aug 17, 2015.

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  1. This is a fairly accurate reflection of real life in the 70s

    I have been informed that the gap between the Wardroom and the lower deck no longer exists.
    Everyone treats those of lower rank/rate with respect.
    Well this film shows exactly as it was in my day, the wardroom stuffed to the gunnels with ex public schoolboys and a lower deck which "knew it's place" [​IMG]
    I wonder if in todays RN officers still retain that variation of the English language named Wardroom speak [​IMG]
    Hopefully with many more officers promoted from the lower deck things have changed
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  2. Here we go again. Two threads about old v the new. No wonder everyone's buggered off.
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  3. Well whats the problem MontyP?
    I am not decrying the modern RN in fact very much the opposite, I am hoping that the service has changed for the better since my day and giving the youngsters a chance to see what it was like under the old system.

    As for two posts, well the other one has 16 posts, that is nearly as many as a What Iron should I buy post
  4. 1973, the year I joined up :)
  5. 1973...two years after I was 'press ganged' by mother into joining. Then 9 years later she just happened to have a newspaper ad for submariners to transfer to the RAN...hence I now live in the Snowy Mountains of NSW
  6. Next Cold War, it will get better again :)
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  7. I hope our young leaders continue to speak properly and retain the ability to engage at all levels. It is because of their communication skills that they made it into and through Dartmouth and beyond. We could not have a CO who couldn't be understood because of a strong regional accent and over use of colonialism. Can you imagine " 'ere lad, mine y'nut. T'boots running reet fust and we donner wunt nay bashing aboot". Or similar. It is the military and I am certain Nelson would still expect discipline and loyalty from those who serve.
  8. That is coloquialism not colonialism, for the record.
  9. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Clearly you've never heard CDS speak. A gruffer Yorkshireman I have yet to meet.
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  10. Nelson, it's said, had a marked Norfolk accent...
  11. Or Vice Admiral Sir Richard Ibbotson.
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  12. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    The year before I retired.
  13. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    'Of course it was better in my day'. I think that those words have been spoken by every generation of Matelots since Nelsons days. I can hear the young thrusters of today telling their children/grandchildren... " We were the REAL navy". Our Navy will always be the Best Navy. As I remarked, before picking myself off the deck in the'Lu Kwok' in HK, after informing a Yank that he might have the biggest navy, but we had the BEST. :D
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  14. Well the site has seen a small upturn in activity recently mate , let us hope it continues and those who left return. Some who left did so because of a ban happy mod.
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  15. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    If by small upturn in activity you mean posting turgid dull threads for about the 453rd time then yes, there may have been a small upturn in activity to say the same thing thats been said repeatedly before. Efforts to start interesting new threads by serving officers got crayoned on quickly and there are very few serving left (and most of them are Mods).

    Frankly this site is a graveyard. I'm quite clear in my belief that the time has come to either shut RR down and move the only relevant section to ARRSE, or to refocus it completely as a Newbie recruitment only forum which helps those seeking to join up.

    Contrary to belief, Mods are not ban happy and a ban functions as a last resort, and is usually applied only after the transgressor ignores repeated hints (publicly and privately) that they need to change course to avoid the rocks on the chart. The sole exception to the above rule is Norm, who is a 'sink on site just to be certain' poster.
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  16. http://www.navy-net.co.uk/community/threads/direct-entry-petty-officer-marine-engineer-technicians-introduction.100262/page-3
    Disagree , started by NS and after the usual jokes on page one , some by NS himself the thread takes off , this is one PSOF who likes to keep up with all things modern RN and I appreciate the input of Wave Dodger , JWR Lynch , Kinross Special , Guns , Northern Matelot etc , they are always detailed and show respect for us old un's who may have questions about current RN topics, and they are never patronising......unlike some.
    That is just one thread , yes there are lot of jokes and stuff about the old RN but this forum is for serving and EX serving RN/RM.
  17. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Subtle as the chip in some of the old & bolds shoulder there Stirlin ;-)

    The problem is that while you do like to keep up to date, many threads here can and do die a regular death with lots of rubbish spouted on them, yet when posted on ARRSE keep running and turning into really good threads. There is also a direct read across of well informed posters on both sites using the same log ins, yet ARRSE gets traction in a way RR doesnt.
  18. I think that you will find that their is a world of difference in the manner English was (and I mean was) spoken by the wardroom in general in the 70s and way which the Queens English is spoken well by many.
    When English is spoken correctly it is a joy to listen to. May I mention some magnificent orators, Trevor McDonald, Richard Burton, Richard Baker, Michael Portillo and Michael Palin. The way English is and in some cases was spoken by these was easy to understand and a pleasure to listen to, unlike the false Dartmouth accents employed by many in wardromes during the 70s.
    Some years ago I had the pleasure to spend a day on my old ship Manchester and I am pleased to say Dartmouth speak was Non Existent, though the English being used was in the main clear, concise and well spoken

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