Was it you?

I need your helps shippers!

Not too long ago, someone posted a picture showing a pair of kissing kippers with the slogan "I'm an ex-submariner, so let's just assume I'm always right" (or something very similar).
I have a former sundodgers oppo with an upcoming birthday, and a tee-shirt with the above mentioned printed on it would be an ideal pressie, but try as I might, I can't find it anywhere on the site. Can anyone help please?

I'm posting this appeal in Lil's, as it seems to be the most read page.
Thanks for that Janner. I've scanned their website recently, but I'm planning to have a tee-shirt printed here IF I can locate and scan the piccie I described.
Found it!
Anyone else that would like to see it, it's on the Sundodgers forum, page 55.
Thanks for all your suggestions shippers!