Was it worth it; and did it work?

:naka: As I've posted many times, my era was the 50s where I'm quite happily frozen. I was; and still am; 8) one of those bastards that give you the shites by pissing up, bagging off[Depending on my luck :lol: ] and rocking the night away :blob3: and still rising before call the hands to run to Eastney and back :x My garage is like the set of a Rocky film and as I was working out this morning :strong: I slipped down memory lane :? My sports were boxing, welter and middle, and distance running, x country and road. I recall spartan, changing rooms,that today would carry a health hazard warning, reeking with the stench of Wintergreen and live oil. 8O Back then we thought of that fluid as a magic potion that would protect us from any form of sports injury. :roll: We happily rubbed it into every muscle and joint and the smell, once smelled you will never forget. :evil: [Ring any bells?] Can any present day medics Doctors and club swingers answer this question. DID IT DO ANY FCUKING GOOD? :( Or was it all an act of faith? Would we have done better rubbing it on the changing bench? :wink:
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