Was I heavy TheRust!!?

Discussion in 'RMR' started by 1ManRiot, Oct 14, 2007.

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  1. As above :glomp:
  2. Send key
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Love in?
  4. Bloody fire-mans carries, Drags and Cradle's i think they were called. 1Man, your a bloomin heavy mate! haha!! Good (But Hard) fun. Oh the fun in rolling around in cow sh*t..... how lovely!

    Weekend 1 down, bring on the others!!
  5. Baby carry methinks
  6. Aye, thats the one, bloody hard!
  7. Must have sneaked past the HSE manual handling nazis LOL

    Fecking horrible
  8. I farkin hate the baby carry - almosty as much as I hate knees to chest on the pudding mat after a killer circuit session. :rambo:

    Firemans carry is better...............until you do it in full CEFO that is :thumright:
  9. Yeah mate, i was struggling to carry 1ManRiot without kit, imagine how hard it will be with the full kit on! Im sure by that stage in training ill be able to crack it. Out of interest..... how much do you weigh 1Man!? im about 11 stone.
  10. Hard going indeed bud. Both of you in fighting order (2 x 22lbs) and carrying both weapons in one hand (2 x 9lbs) plus the weight of the man.................

    200 meters is a long way to sprint carrying all that!!
  11. Best way to do it is to get an oppo roughly the same size and weight and practice with him on det nights or whatever and carry him everytime you do a firemans carry. That means when it comes to testing you've practiced with your oppo over and over, perfected the technique and they'll be no surprises as opposed to gettin landed with someone who's much bigger and heavier :eek:mg:
  12. Carrying the heavy guy or anyone is the best practice, this way you will be in the correct mind frame either at CTC or on confirmation. If you aim to carry the same person each time you are setting possible mental pit falls if some other fella picks your oppo up! As we all know, at CTC and on the battle field its just "pick up your man".

    "Train hard fight easy - Train easy fight hard"

  13. I weigh 14 stone mate!

    Yeah it was pure bad luck there, 2 ranks, I happened to be behind you!

    TheRust, is this your first taste of the military, or have you done something before?
  14. Totall agree with you there mate. :thumright:

    Remember lads the technique is equally important . Granted you need the stanmina in your heart, lungs and legs to carry a man in full CEFO, but if hes hanging off you like a bag of shite its only going to make carrying him all that harder.
  15. No pal, this is my first time doing anything military mate. Im sure as time goes on we'll get stronger. Ive got the attitude to just grit my teeth and get on with things.... my sig says 'Train hard - Fight easy'... makes alot of sense to me.
    As for bad luck mate, your probably one of the biggest there! haha!! Top guy mate! Good work on the weekend!
  16. Try it with a 16 stone south african and full kit. I won't do the maths but I have no doubt after every bottom field I was shorter
  17. hahahah!! :thumright:
  18. I personally found the firemans carry really easy although i was carrying someone appx my weight when i was doing my passout tests. i managed to pass all of my tests first time throughout my training but the tricky one for me was the rope climb in full kit after the initial beasting that you get.

    deep joy
  19. Cheers dude! There seem to be more numpties for your pound at LivDet but you seem like one of the good ones :whew:

    Agreed, firemans lift is probably the easiest as the centre of mass is much higher up
  20. Some of the banter as you guys were getting off the bus was quite funny..... Liverpool, Mandet and Birdet do get on good, after all, we'll be training with each other and covering each other's backs in the near future mate.... anything whats said, i let fly over my head or laugh at it, makes sense pal!!...... did you see one of the ManDet lads go flying when he took the helmet to the cpl..... funny stuff that!! haha!

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