Was HMS Yarmouth attacked by a submarine whilst trying to put out the flames and rescue crew members from HMS Sheffield on 4th May 1982? (No)

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I've already binned a thread started by the OP on this very subject, and the answer to the thread title is......no.

Neither did a Soviet boat launch a weapon either, as is also claimed.

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WreckerL has spoken. Is he correct? No, it seems unlikely.

Am I correct? Are my buddies correct? It seems more likely.

Dozens of crew members of Yarmouth, Arrow, Glasgow were actually there and confirmed Wasp pilot Lt. Paul Miller's sighting. Others state they saw the sub on the surface. One Yarmouth sonar op claims to have made a recording of the sub's torpedo doors opening and closing. He sent this to Northwood and got nothing back. I've been in touch with several former crew members who were in the thick of it and they're all singing from the same hymn sheet. So no elaborate, collective hallucinations are at play. An MOD report into the sinking of the Sheffield dated July 1982 - written by we don't know whom - was quick to poo-poo it, but didn't bother investigating this aspect or providing any explanation. Job done.



Many thanks! I made the final comment on that.


The above excerpt is taken from that post. I'm sure Mariano Sciaroni will be highly qualified in the field, but that's no substitute for being there. He's far too quick to write these events off in such a cursory and dismissive manner. If I was writing that book, rather than make glib assumptions, I'd have made some attempt to contact the people who were there for their take on events. If you ever read this Mario, there's an HMS Yarmouth Facebook Group. It's easy to find and join and if you're the curious type - which I'm not so sure you are - all your dreams may well be satisfied and you can re-release your book with some important corrections.

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