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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by trehorn2, Jan 12, 2009.

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  1. What do we all think?

    The RAF Rgt certainly seemed very well equipped compared to what I've seen of the TV programs showing the army/navy in action.

    Whats with the fancy patches showing their blood group? Everyone else makes do with writing it on their body armour in marker pen???

    Firemen seemed very busy too :thumright:
  2. I just caught the last 10 mins. Do you know if it will be repeated?
  3. Not sure about being repeated but the next episode will be on 9pm next monday.
  4. Yes. Repeat is on Thursday at 2300, channel 5.

  5. I have watched both episodes and I really must confess, that I was highly impressed with the Adverts inbetween.
  6. First episode available on Demand Five here. Second episode should be available in a couple of days.
  7. repeated thursday at 11, second episode apparently, missed the first completely!
  8. seemed okay to me. I take it that it's the same folk who made Warship on C5 since its the same format.


  9. lol Agreed

    Mind you it does make me want to go on holiday now to Afghanistan seems butlins has everything there :w00t:
  10. If the RAF do one thing well, it's securing massive budgetrs for themselves, they're dripping in Gucci kit.

    And if you're still watching this and are stupid enough to believe that this is exactly how it works in KAF then you need a kick in the cnut.

    It's nothing but an awful PR exercise in recruiting mongs and dole patrol into the RAF, "look, even on ops we have a right laugh". But thats fine, the RAF can have them whilst the rest of us can get on with digging out blind all hours god sends without complaint.
  11. Misseed last night. Did the young Crab tart pull again?
  12. She went to Camp Bastion to play with the RAF Firecrew. She came out with a beauty line saying she didn't know what they did when she was packing to go lol
  13. Lets not forget she got them a picnic table!!
  14. Is it like London's Burning...

    Had a giggle at that one. Why did she not get thrown into the pool? I was looking forward to that...
  15. Aye that was thoughtful
  16. I watched about 5 minutes of this until the RAF gimps started gobbing off about how hard it was. Join the crabs, guard an airfield. Join the Corps, do the business

    Enough said

  17. Should they rename the RAF Reg to Military Provost Guard Service now lol
  18. I always find it somewhat sad when individuals who should know better show such disrespect for a particular regiment or corps. Whatever, you think of the RAF Regt, bear in mind that they have lost quite a few guys in recent years. Remember the fallen and show a little respect.

    On a separate note, they’ve also won several MCs and the CO of NSW is an enthusiastic proponent of the RAF Regt having experienced how much they reduced the IDF threat to KAF when they assumed FP tasks.

  19. For god sake. This has nothing to do with respecting the fallen. I've always shown respect to those.

    It's called a friggin joke the Royals have lost far more men over the last few years as have the pongo's yet we still have banter with them.

    If you don't like the banter don't read simple
  20. Fair enough. But firstly

    A close friend of the family was killed in the mortar strike that killed 3 RAF Regt lads last year so i have experienced loss first hand thanks!! Secondly why is the focus on a bunch of knobbers who in their own words are one of the "Big 3" who get all the kit but do very little if anything with it except guard airfields. Thirdly i think you would be threaders also if you have friends out there serving with the R.M and Special Forces and then see RAF personnel that are friends taking flying lessons and dripping because they have to go to the Falklands for 3 months.

    Boo fcuking hoo!!

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