WARZONE....2100 tonight Channel 5

Documentary series following the lives of British servicemen and women at Kandahar Airbase in Afghanistan. In this instalment, a Harrier jump jet is scrambled to fight the Taliban; a new squadron of recruits arrives from the UK; and one young female officer finds ways to make the most of life in a war zone.

Should be available online soonest for overseas bods.

...and if you have been on ops with James Bond's Dad for the past year and missed it WARSHIP is still available on 5 website
Bet it has loads film of Hardworking 904 EAW (Crabs) swanning around the coffee shops and sports facillities. Should be renamed 9 to 4 EAW cos thats about the hours they "Worked" during the day.
Joint_Force_Harrier said:
Bet it has loads film of Hardworking 904 EAW (Crabs) swanning around the coffee shops and sports facillities. Should be renamed 9 to 4 EAW cos thats about the hours they "Worked" during the day.
Or in the case of one crab i know swan off on flying lessons that the RAF are subsidising. She's whinging because she has to deploy to the Falklands for 3 months. Boo fcuking hooo!!
Good to see the RN get in on their limelight! lol

It was an alright programme. Watchable. The female crab is worth a squirt.
It did how ever give off the cheers easy side to being out there. If I didn't know better I'd think it was a cheers easy draft
Compared to the other documentries that were made over there i.e Ross Kemp in Afghanistan and even Christmas on the Fronline. They showed the more realistic view of what these guys and lasses are going through. Even Combat Chefs did. This programme didn't really show any of that more this girl is not allowed to kiss her bf they play pool together go to pizza hut oh they're broken up now and she's on the pull at the disco.

The only real work shown to be honest was by the Matelots on the Harriers lol
I enjoyed the 30 seconds of Harrier footage they showed but had to turn over when they showed the RAF split slapping the make-up on ready for her "date"...... Thought that was taking the pi$$ just a bit..... It also must be a shame that she aint allowed to get shafted over the pool table due to the no touchy-feely rule. Nevermind eh...?

Those Ruck Apes looked nails though.....
It's nothing but an embarrasment for anyone having served at Kandahar. Making it look like butlins by focusing on some c0ck hungry taff crab who's job was a 9 to 4 delivering mail and other admin bilge (Always thinned out by 1600z, good job as I quite often needed her JPA terminal). There's 12000 people on that base, most of whom are doing superb work and barely have time to take a sh1t and these tools choose her out of all of them.

Fortunately no-one watches channel 5 or we'd be made to look like right whingeing cnuts, how dare we mank about Herrick being sh1t, look! It's tabs out! And a right laugh! Warzone says so!
My missus was well pleased to see the Bar/Nighclub, got a grilling over that one.

Telling her that us squadron personnel did on average 14 hour days will a bit of time off every 20 days didn't wash with her!!!!! Rest of the time in my sack (as any Wafu worth his salt would!!!)

"9 to 4" Shit em!!!!!!!!!!

Is the buzz true: that James Bond's dad is refusing to relocate from sunny Spain to Scotland? Sean's going to be sooooo annoyed.
I am normally strictly a lurker on this forum but having just watched Warzone shown last night I feel obliged to say how disrespectful I felt the programme was to those who have already lost their lives and to those who will no doubt lose them in the future.

The average member of the public watching that will surely question what our troops are actually engaged in Afghanistan, hand to hand fighting or competition disco dancing!?

It would be nice to credit the general public with the intelligence to see the programme for what it is was........rubbish, but for the big brother generation I don't think that assumption can be made.

Having served for 12 years (left the service in 1999) I know that we all need a run ashore to let off steam and that is not the problem, the programme made no effort to explain the neccesity for the guys and girls to be able to relax at times. Instead for the majority of the programme they chose to highlight the pizza hut and subway whilst emphasising the WARZONE title at every opportunity.

I might be being over sensitive who knows? If I am then I am sure posts that follow will tell me so.........

I say again no dig at those being filmed but Channel 5 and whoever authorised the programme from within the bowels of the MOD certainly should be ashamed.

I imagine our bootneck colleagues who are probably even as we speak actively involved in firefights with the enemy, may also have some colourful views on the content of Warzone, but Channel 5 probably won't be showing that!


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I generally agree with all the phlegm and bile directed at the programme because it certainly doesn't reflect any of the time I spent in Herrick, even the weeks using KAF as a base.


It does serve to help those who have relatives/family members etc deployed there realise they are under less threat and should well come back intact.

It just needs to move away from eeny weeny airways and that tedious little girl. Even giving the rockapes on FP more airtime would be interesting, anything to show time spent at KAF is productive towards the effort.


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This programme is in the same style as the one about Illustrious and just as that was embarrassing for the impression created that the people on board were lightweights who really didn't seem to understand what was going on most of the time, so is this one.

As others have said it creates the impression that everyone has loads of free time, very little work to do and a great social life. In fact just as in the Illustrious thing it took several episodes before they got around to mentioning that the ship operated aircraft, this one really only vaguely hinted at there being a war fought in Afghanistan - I'd like to think it might improve, but somehow doubt that it will!


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Joint_Force_Harrier said:
Bet it has loads film of Hardworking 904 EAW (Crabs) swanning around the coffee shops and sports facillities. Should be renamed 9 to 4 EAW cos thats about the hours they "Worked" during the day.
F****** love it! A WAFU bitching about people loafing! Priceless! :thumright:

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