warwickshire fatalities

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by buster, Nov 4, 2007.

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  1. thoughts and prayers for warwickshire firefighters families. cannot begin to understand their pain, R.I.P.
  2. Likewise, my thoughts are with their families and loved ones. My father-in-law worked in the Warwickshire fire service for 22 years, so he will probably know one or two of those killed.
    Deepest Sympathy to all concerned.
  3. My condolences to their people.

    What were they doing in a deserted warehouse, if the story is true? Property can be replaced. People cannot.
  4. A sad loss, my condolences to the Families of those lost, and also to the FireFighters left behind to mourn.

    They are still looking for the fallen, I hope they are found soon.
  5. What happened to the RR Newscasters? It did not surprise me that mention of this was a bit slow in getting off the ground. I imagine some of our bearers of The News were at a loss about how to comment on it, bearing in mind they used to slag firefighters off for daring to criticise public spending on the war in Iraq. Just a thought.
  6. They were informed that immigrant workers, instead of making the two hour journey home at the end of shift and the two hour journey back again illegaly kipped down amongst the vegetables ready for an early start next day

    Fireservice personnel do not enter a building unless there is danger to life within, and would have been instructed to do so by their fire officer

    My immediate family serve :-(

    Jack McHammocklashing RO9
  7. only the officer in charge at the time had all the facts before making his/her dynamic risk assessment, before deciding on an offensive mode, prior to committing crews. it would be best to wait for the true facts from the FAI rather than speculate.

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