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Wartime ship losses in River Thames

Can anyone help Kate with her request please?

I am carrying out some research for a BBC documentary about the River Thames. During this show, we will be featuring several known wreck sites that are due to be investigated by the PLA [Port of London Authority] this summer. Of these, four are ships known to have been sunk by mine or German bombing during the war, and we are exploring avenues for telling the story of this aspect of the war.

What is of interest to us is that these ships were requisitioned civilian vessels adapted for military use. We have good records for the wrecks themselves, but are hoping to find out more about the crews of these ships and, ideally, find some living descendants of the crews. It's a long shot, but your organisation may just have records of these ships and their crews, and may know more about them.

The ships are:

HMS ASH – Fishing trawler/Minesweeper ‘Tree-class’; sunk by mine June 5th 1941
HMS AISHA – Steel yacht used as harbour defence patrol craft; sunk by mine 11th October 1940
HMS AMETHYST (AKA Phyllis Rosalie) - steel trawler used as anti-sub ship; sunk by 24th November 1940
SS LETCHWORTH – commercial cargo vessel (collier) sunk by aerial bombing 1st November 1940 during trip from Blythe to London

If you feel you may be able to help, I would very much like to hear from you.

Very best wishes

Kate Edwards

Assistant producer
'Thames' Touch Productions
01225 48 46 66
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