You talking about the rubbish Channel 5 on the Lusty put out not so long ago? or another series called Warship
Ah, good point, the 70s one that was a Jack version of Soldier Soldier. Having spent a grand total of 6 weeks on a carrier (Vince), I've got literally no interest in knowing anything else about them... :wink:
Ah!!!! James Cosmo L/D REG Fuller. I was on the Danae at the time. Pheobe was the main ship used ,with us and a couple more Leanders for filmingWarship (TV series) Warship was a popular British television drama series produced by the BBC between 1973 and 1977.
between 1973 and 1977.
It was before then in actual fact it was before in or the earlry 71s i was on the charybydis he took command of her back end of 71 early 72.His and he was on the Pheobe whilst it was been filmed .i remember when we cleared lower deck to meet the new captain.He told us i have just come off of a star !but by christ you are going to be a bigger star when i have finished with you lot .His name Captain Idris Ptitchard !!!! :)

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