Warship, to-night

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rodgersthecabinboy, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. Talk about a Dumbed down navy,my old G.I.is rotating is his grave!!have seen 13 year old sea cadets put a a better guard together than that lot,beam me up scottie:roll:
  2. .

    Bore off helmet.
  3. Yup but i bet they have done more time in a combat zone than you and though throbtard!!!
  4. typical gestapo :lol:
  5. If your going to reply at least attach your headwand first you retard!!!
  6. Considering not many of them would have done any drill since training, and they only had a few hours to practice then they didn't look to have done too bad. I was in a similar situation, also in Singers, and it was just about the whole ship's company that had to do some marching up and down practice on the jetty. Very few of us had done any drill for eons, but after a couple of hot and sweaty hours in the sun we managed to get there. Mind you, it was more like close formation bimbling. If you want a career doing drill, join the fooking guards.
  7. I really hope I'm wrong ,but the behaviour and apparent lack of basic skills of the Marines was severly worrying.Given the timing of the programme and from comments made in the said episode,these guys are in Afganistan currently....this is frigtening.
    A loot of the featured crew appeared to be of the pink persuasion,and possibly either of poor quality or poorly trained..I mean ashore for your eighteenth birthday in Singapore and you end up slow dancing with your ginger mate on TV....what is today's Navy coming to?
  8. Whats wrong with that? Something us matelots have done for many years and besides, I bet some of those 'girls' had cocks as well. 8O :lol:
  9. I refer you to my previous post.

    Bore off helmet.
  10. mophead,i cant remember how many times ive danced the night away with my "ginger mate",its a few i can promise you, 8)
  11. Did you not listen to the narrator? "This battle scenario is essential preperation to see how these NEW marines react under live fire conditions..."
    Again, according to the narrator, half of those lads were fresh out of training. There's not a flap on the back of their heads where you can pour in a lifetime's worth of skills and experience. They were on exercise, the point of which is to train and hone their skills. You don't have to hope you're wrong. You are.

    The navy have always done things like that, so too Royal, the crabs and Percy. Young lads pissing about when they're pissed. Nothing unusual about it. And don't forget performing for the cameras. You saw a snapshot of a couple of minutes from a whole night out, do you really think that's all they did. What evidence do you need for him to prove he's not on the other bus? Back-of-the-bollox shots as he's scuttling some wren in the diving store?

    Spot the difference. A group of matelots on a night out in Singers, having a bit of a laugh, playing for the cameras, no trouble. Or, a group of lads the same age on a Friday night in any city up and down the country, getting shiters, being abusive and giving someone a kicking. You fcuking choose.
  12. Hey Jimmy when was the last time youy went down Jokers on Union Street and watched you're innocent matelots and matlasses throw up and verbally abuse every fecker in the taxi ranks. oops what am I saying - pot this is kettle over!!
    Spent three days in a police cell in Hambourg after a punch up down the Reperbahn, feckers broke my jaw with a baton did I deserve it -course I fcuking did - did I learn course I fcucking didn't
  13. Funniest part is when the marine took a dive straight on to his back...man that looked sore....defo thought they would have won....must ave been favourites...glad i didnt back them down the bookies. Fair play to the captain getting involved
  14. Stan, my response was aimed at Mophead who was slagging off the lads who were doing nothing wrong and were in all probability performing for the camera. I certainly don't condone what happens inside or outside Jesters by matelots, booties or any other fcuker who kicks off when they've had too many stella 'ardbastards.

    Apart from my last few months before terminal leave, I had spent very little time in Guzz during my last 6 years in the mob, and even when I was there I would avoid the strip like the plague. It's a dustbin.

    If you get filled in by the plod then you've certainly done something to deserve it. If you are unable to learn from that or think it's big and clever then you need to take a long hard look at yourself.
  15. The comments were made in jest however it took a long time to learn some lessons but obviously I did 35 years service last 12 as a WO1.
    I never took life to seriously there were plenty of other pricks who did that, funny though not many got as far as me
    Good luck in the afterlife.
  16. I was hoping they were but sometimes you just can't tell. I know some people get caught up in situations not of their making, and end up getting strung out for it. Sometimes things 'go wrong' due to poor judgement created by social confusion inducing cold refreshments. Such things have happened to me from time to time but fortunately quite rarely.

    Other times I've seen matelots kick off just because they are social hand grenades. It's not just the young and more impressionable lads that do so, some of the older and supposedly more responsible lose the plot too.
  17. Thought they were in Orchard Towers (four floors of whores) so should have got a freebie or at least his mess mates could have paid for him to have some fun on his 18th!
  18. Oberon. You snaggy rating. I served with you on the Glasgow 97-99 3P Mess.

    I hope all is well fella?

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