Warship Series 2

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by whiteknight, Aug 29, 2009.

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  1. your a bit late the is already a topic on this
  2. :roll: Will we see plenty of flight deck scenes??? and those silky smooth chockheads, hand signals??? hands to flying stations :lol:
  3. sorry didn't realise it was a competition :tongue1:
  4. ..It's not, it's just pointless posting another thread.
  5. Any one know where I can watch the 1st series?? Ive only seen a few episodes while waiting at the careers office but after watching last nights episode, Id like to watch the series on Lusty.
  6. I watched them on the channel five website.
  7. Go back to your AFCO and sit there. :wink:
  8. When is this series continuing? Watched it last week, but they've got a film on tonight... Was looking forward to watching Warship.
  9. When you join you'll find it something of an advantage to know what day of the week it is.
  10. ' you use yer mouth pretty n' a $20 dollar hor'
  11. ah yeah! school boy error! report card says MUST PAY ATTENTION! oops, sorry boys (and girls)

    I'll look forward to watching it tomorrow then! Cheers!
  12. can't find anywhere where i cant watch this! Anyone got any links??
  13. Do you mean "anywhere you can watch this" or are you fed up with it being on everywhere?
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  14. Haha accidently hit "t". I'll try again.

    can't find anywhere where i can watch this! Anyone got any links??
  15. Its still on five on demand :)
  16. Nah 5 have taken it off demand, the episode us still there but unwatchable. They've taken it off youtube and from about 3 hours of searching about 4 weeks ago, off every other tv streaming site on the internet.
  17. I found that with 5 on demand, and then one day i went on and the whole series was watchable which was weird, that was last sunday so recently! Ill have a look when im on my laptop, cant remember if i had to make an account or anything

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