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Warship petty officer charged with alleged rape

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Lantern Swinger
This has been edited by me , at 0132 100107

I'm not sure what is so difficult to understand about the standing orders post that Seadog went to the time and trouble of composing.

The Standing Orders post, was not composed, as a light hearted piece of whimsy by Seadog.

It is a very serious post , and is born of hard experience moderating on these quite unique forums.

Neither Seadog or myself, will have a situation arise where we posters and Rum Ration, land in hot water for encouraging discussion of ongoing, or about to commence Courts-Martial, or preceedings against Armed Forces personnel in the civil courts.

Please think carefully before you post. One of the reasons we can keep forums like this open, in the face of opposition , is responsible moderation , and responsible posting.

I am not interested in "Oh but it's in the public domain' arguements. Both RR and Arrse are regularly visited by the media and those who are politically motivated against us. I am sure none of us wish to 'fill in the gaps' and be quoted as such. I am also sure none of us want to enter the choppy waters of sub-judice.

Any references to current cases, or cases awaiting trial will be culled or locked, until such time as the trial reaches completion.

Not open for further replies.

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