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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by ossyboydug, Jun 23, 2009.

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  1. does anyone have a copy of the series that was shown last year about HMS Illustrious, because im thinking of going in the navy and would like to see what life on board a ship is like and all the different jobs, if you do it would be a great help to me thanks. :D
  2. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Have a search on U-tube, the lame series will prob be on there somewhere.
  3. i can not find it on youtube but thanks any way.
  4. Channel 5 on demand will have the series, if you must view it, though its not very pleasing on the eye :roll: :roll: . Noticed you are thinking about joining up as a Chockhead :D The documentary "Sailor Hms Ark Royal 76" is the bizz. Download it from, The Box. bz website :wink: :wink: :wink:
  5. 'because im thinking of going in the navy and would like to see what life on board a ship is like '

    Life in the real Navy and life on a through deck cruiser

    Not quite the same!! :lol: :lol:
  6. Yeah, but it shows life in the navy before he was even born (probably).
  7. life as a Chockhead

    Sit in you kitchen. Call your mum Chief, collect the mail from the letter box, pop to the shop for her, Answer stupid question from your younger siblings. Drive your kid brothers tractor to the refuel section for a top up. Check your dads oil and water on a daily basis.

    Very similar to the job of Reggies runner that you will most prob become.
  8. Ossy

    I don't think that Channel 5 have it on catch-up any more, but there are bits on YouTube.

    I'm not sure it would really help you, though. Have a browse through the Careers' website here:


    and call in on your local AFCO and speak to the CAs.
  9. There is a new series being shown this autumn, currently being filmed on Albion & Ocean and covering a lot of Taurus 09
  10. :oops: Accrington Stanley!! excactly, but proper chockheads :wink: :wink:
  11. Hope its more intresting,than watching Adeybayour playing :wink:
  12. Have just started watching Warship currently showing on Ch5 Monday evenings.

    I am sorry to say that once again a professional service is being made to look rather foolish at times by the media. I have absolutely nothing against the RN, you do a great job, however why is it that it does just not look right.

    Could it be that they have been very good at picking the subjects, not very bright are they, espcially the Matron, telling her girls not to look at the dead body's face, girlies crying. Get a bloody grip.

    As for sailors who are late for a parade, saying they are late back from shore leave, we call that AWOL, f****** ball them out, instead of letting them just slope in at a snails pace.

    Obviously I will keep on watching as any documentary about the Armed Forces is father better viewing than the other crap they put on the box these days.
  13. Well thats the modern RN for you , :D i suspect that the answer you will recieve from the guys/gels serving now is and i quote "we saved two ships from sinking and we wont lose a war cos we bimble in late for a muster or late from leave", :wink: i think i will put me flak jacket on and maybe some anti flash, 8)
  14. It's good for a laugh though.
  15. Oh there good for a laugh allright, :lol: :lol:
  16. Did I detect a slight sheen on the white tropical shoes? Have they now gone like dancing pumps? I reckon regular black ones would look a lot less daft, and a darn sight more practical.
  17. Now I am no longer serving, and don't have to do anything other than collect my dosh (thanks all you working class) I think pink with fluffy bobbles would be as good as any.
    It would look quite ridiculous, but would give us a laugh, and something for the "in my days " to really crack on about.
    Failing that, whatever they like. 8O :D :D :wink:
  18. I sincerely hope the working class continue to oblige you :lol:
    ps They looked ridiculous in my days as well. Plus, having very nasty leather soles they slid all over the place. I remember using them only once, and that was more than enough.
  19. Having watched this weeks episode I was surprised to find that marines don't actually like Ships, even to the fact they don't think much of the Senior Service.

    Mind you though the commentator twice called the females on board WRENS, now I though like the Army they too had dispensed with calling the female service a different name ???

    Anyway I di think that the female Army Air Corps pilot was rather attractive.
  20. Has anyone found a link for any of the series' ???

    I've looked everywhere. Anyone else had any luck?

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