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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by lucky, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. Has warship documentary been released on DVD,ive never seen it and as im joining the RN i wiuld like to see it. Or if anyone has got it?????
  2. Just go on to channel 5's website and watch it online
  3. Rubbish quality though.......it keeps stopping and startin.
  4. I never have a problem with it so wouldn't know. It's fine for me
  5. It might be my PC lol
  6. Take what you see with a pinch of salt fella. As with it's sequel "Warzone". Warchip is a steaming pile of horse sh1t which portrays the services as a circus. It is in no way reminiscent of real life.

    But you'll find that out for yourself.
  7. OK. Cheers mate!
  8. War Zone is worth the watch for Senior Aircraftwoman Kate Aziz (The Welsh [​IMG] Postie)!

  9. I had the same issue, it's not your computer mate. It's Five's servers not able to handle traffic at peak times. I managed to watch all the episodes with no issues after 1am. So when you feel like staying up to get an episode or two in, that's the best time.
  10. Warzone is such a bad show that I cant stand to watch it, I changed channels midway through. Considering the fact that there are people in my unit currently on ops in afghan who are not in KAF holiday camp but in scant FOBs, I think it paints a very unrealistic view to joe public about what serving in afghan is like. It is sugercoating the reality of herrick ops for many service personnel, who return to the UK in bodybags, crippled for life or with deep mental scars.
  11. Fair comments IB08, however from an ex "front line" pongo's POV I find it quite amusing watching the REMF's go about their daily "grind". Also interesting watching the Harrier guys at work and insight of the RN AET peeps.

    Commando: On The Front Line, Ross Kemp In Afghanistan and even Combat Chefs showed more "action" by far. I will not apologize for being amused by War Zone however.
  12. I agree with your POV on the other shows B2B. The only positive things I saw on warzone were the navy AETs and the harrier pilots, who obviously both work their socks off to ensure that the close air support delivered to troops is done as efficiently as possible. They should centre on the FAA/RAF pilots and RN AETs, and the RAF regiment guys, at least they are all actively involved in the operations of the base and work hard.

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