Warship - New Series


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Features HMS Duncan and starts Monday 10th Feb.
Previous link was for series 1- Series 2 details here
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Well, it surely cannot be as shite as that ‘Royal Navy school’,(or whatever it was called)? What turd that was.


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I can't wait for all the PSOF who'll whinge about every episode about how it's all gone to rats and "wasn't like that in my day when we had a navy" comments ;)
With me, not so much....never been a fan of scripted reality shows, be it about Pusser or anything else. In general term, I find reality shows are crap.....::)


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Will there be soggy /crunchy pillows?

Anything wrong with the ship is nothing to do with me - I had no input to her design or build!


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The first series was pretty good , looking forward to new one.

There were a few issues with continuity, (ant-flash on/off/on, different incidents mixed together etc) but overall a good telly watch - which is what it's all about really.

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