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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by function, Feb 19, 2006.

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  1. Mail on Sunday Feb 19th

    Theres an article on page 23 about the Disposal Services Agency (www.edisposals.co.uk) and how they are responsible for selling off old equipment. (Anyone heard of them ?)

    Examples of items for sale include , RFA Sir Percivale !!, a fire engine, A sea harrier !!, bearskins, office equipment etc.

    Why don't they sell this kit off and give it to the veterans agency to give to ... veterans.

    Still, it provides more jobs for MoD civvies of which there must be millions !!!!! :?
  2. Google Disposal services Agency for a URL to their rather interesting website. Some bargains, some absolute rip-offs.
  3. Why don't we all club together and buy Sir Precevale? :twisted:

    We could lease the ship to the Home Office as a prison!
  4. For the IT challenged!

  5. How do you do that!
  6. Clanky, just type in the website address, the software on here recognises it a s a URL and it appears as a link.


  7. There you go, piece of cake!

  8. That was a test. Cheers Lancs H.
  9. Yellow Goddess - full riot protection - run ashore vehicle for Pompey?

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