Warship 74

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by scouse, Dec 15, 2012.

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  1. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I enjoyed this series at the time - I'd spent two years in a Leander so there can't have been much wrong with it.
  2. Watched it in a TV Room, in Dolphin 1st time round, packed to the gunwales. A right blast from the past.
  3. When I was on the rusty B, there was a film crew on board making a documentary of some sort, I think it was called Captain RN, the skipper was Templeton-cottil(sic) I remember a bit about the MAA he had a pair of bugger grips and the the bloke doing the talking says, "and the MAA with a magnificent pair of mutton chops" the jossmans grin nearly cut his head in half, when he moved on, the jimmy following behind leaned into the MAAs ear and whispered "get em off" the grin disappeared, never saw the film, maybe went in the bin with the jossmans bugger grips
  4. I remember it well. The Doc on the Phoebe wasn't too happy at first because the 2 female make up artists were told to bunk in the sickbay.
  5. Brings me nasty memories back of being Sea Boats Crew in the North Sea one very cold winter ... only foulies and sea boots then ... not all in one immersion suits ... can remember coming back alongside for recovery ... picked up the head rope and this gopher came down the side ... couldn't see the boat just nasty grey wet stuff! Arghhh .. nightmare!
  6. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    When T-C was Cdr of the Tiger Home & Med 1959-60 I as Sub Lt was the Cdr's Asst's Asst. In between us as Cdr's Asst was the 2nd G, Lt Beagle Burne who was later SNO on board Canberra in 1982. Previously T-C had been i/c Work Study unit in RNB Portsmouth where I gather he was known as the Diesel-Driven Doughnut. T-C had Tiger's boats painted 'Tiger Tawny' which annoyed CinC Med, Baron Bingley, so much that we were ordered to enter and leave GH always with our boats covered. As I was also Boats Officer I had a bit part in that, namely producing colour paintings of a boat so that T-C could see the shade. I got nearly there but T-C said "Try and put a bit more sunshine in it, Seaweed" an order a touche lacking in clarity. Eventually the Chief Chippy sent his wife out to buy tubes of pigment and I and the Boat PO and the Chippy and No.1 stirred it all into a big vat of white topcoat and painted a piece of wood as a demo. T-C: "What do you think, No.1?" No.1: "I think we should paint the boat's bottoms baby blue SIR." We had achieved an almost dead match with Dockyard Buff. Not the only educational moment that commission.

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