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Warship is a British documentary series produced by Channel 5 about the Royal Navy. The series features two Navy ships and documents the daily routines of the crew on board during a deployment or exercise. Warship (2009) was the second series following the 6 episode series of Warship (2008) and begins on episode 7. This was filmed on the amphibious warfare ships HMS Bulwark and HMS Ocean during a six-month exercise in 2009.

Warship (2009)

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S02E01 - Episode 7 S02E02 - Episode 8 (Partial)


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For all of those wishing to re-watch Warship (2009), here is the episodes full synopsis:

Season 2 (2009)

Episode 7
- Air Date: Aug 31, 2009 22:00. HMS Bulwark and her 300-strong crew depart HMNB Devonport for the Far East via the Bay of Bengal for exercise Taurus 09 Task Force. In this opening episode the ship leaves Plymouth for Bangladesh where the marines train to find and capture the enemy on an island in the Bay of Bengal.

Episode 8 - Air Date: Sep 07, 2009 22:00. The Marines try to cope with the hostile conditions while training in the jungles of Malaysia. Life on board HMS Bulwark continues.

Episode 9 - Air Date: Sep 14, 2009 22:00. HMS Ocean takes over Bulwark as flagship of the deployment and are joined by fellow warships and sailors from the United States, France and other allies.

Episode 10 - Air Date: Sep 21, 2009 22:00. HMS Ocean joins an international fleet of warships for a simulated air-to-sea battle. This episode follows HMS Ocean through the South China Sea on the way to Brunei.

Episode 11 - Air Date: Sep 29, 2009 22:00. HMS Ocean leads the exercise task force through the South China Sea to Brunei as 500 Marines prepare for jungle training. The action continues on and off the Warship.

Episode 12 - Air Date: Oct 06, 2009 22:00. Marines from the assault squadrons launch a training exercise in the steamy jungles of Brunei. They are joined by their American counterparts in team-building exercises. HMS Bulwark is nearing the end of her mission.

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