Warship 1974 - HMS HERO


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Does anyone have this on DVD or tape? I have found one episode on youtube which is the only one by the look of it. I have looked on Amazon and the usual places.


Cheers :)
Great Series!

I have got it on VHS Video but not DVD. I taped it about 8 years ago when it was run on Sky Gold at about 06:00 hours.

I remember the Junior Rate who went AWOL (hid up the mast!) and the man overboard search.

Also remember the somebody nicking the fat NAFFI managers keys from his pocket and breaking in to the NAFFI stealing booze anf nutty in another episode. !

Happy Days !
See here:


Section 8.3

You could try the Dutch TV service ........

Also you could t:y


there seems to be an access to some episodes, but my browser won't allow access :(
Once you could buy these from the BBC itself, if you get in touch with the BBC or go to there website you may get the info you need, I knew some one many years ago that got something he was after that way.


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scouse said:
Try the Box bz site, thats where i got the series " Sailor " from :wink:
Nothing there other than the two relatively recent series. If anyone finds a decent torrent, please let me know too.


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Cheers team, a great help. I will nail this eventually and get a copy on DVD. In the mean time, if bods can keep their eyes peeled while on the tinternet, i will be most greatful. :)

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