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Warship (1973 - 77) TV Series


Lantern Swinger
A classic TV series with Warship (1973-77). This is a British television drama series produced by the BBC and broadcast between 1973 and 1977. The series was set contemporaneously and depicted life on board the fictitious Royal Navy frigate HMS Hero. Four series were produced with 45 episodes made in total. These episodes are available on the links below:

Warship (1973-77)

Password: Navy

Season 1
Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9
Season 2
Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10
Season 3
Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10 Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13
Season 4
Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10 Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13
A full list of Warship (1973-77) TV Series Season 1 Episode Synopsis can be found below:

Warship (1973-77) S01E01 - Hot Pursuit

Aired 7th June 1973 21:25 - HMS Hero is undergoing a self-maintenance period in Gibraltar after several months without a captain or first lieutenant. After the arrival of Lieutenant Commander Beaumont and Commander Nialls, a random incident with a crew member in a bar leads to a civilian ship suspected of gun running. When the ship leaves port with its cargo, HMS Hero takes pursuit and forces the ship to stop in international waters, where the doctrine of hot pursuit is explained to its crew.

Warship (1973-77) S01E02 – Nobody Said Frigate

Aired 14th June 1973 21:25 - HMS Hero arriving at Malta is reassigned at short notice to pick up a defecting Russian diplomat from the North African coast. The risking of a frigate and its crew of over 200 causes questioning of the "request" down the line of command, with each man aware that his superior will abandon him if anything goes wrong. Although the foreign coast guard detects and responds to the intrusion with a surveillance helicopter and MTB, Hero collects the Russian and escapes without injury, although it turns out that he may be of little value. In the repercussions, a government official says "it was expected to be a simple submarine operation, nobody said frigate".

Warship (1973-77) S01E03 - Off Caps

Aired 21st June 1973 21:25 - HMS Hero is assigned at short notice to take part in a naval exercise. Stores accountant Rabbits who had been planning to visit his pregnant wife but now can't leave the ship, receives a letter in which she says she is depressed and thinking of getting rid of the baby. Meanwhile, Marine Engineering Mechanic (stoker) Cutler and his chief Slater come into conflict, climaxing when Cutler lashes out and kicks Slater in the head. Rabbits sabotages a bearing in the ship's propulsion system with an oil dispersing agent, forcing HMS Hero to withdraw to Gibraltar on one engine. At Cutler's on-board trial, he is accused of both assault and sabotage. However, evidence implicating Rabbits is found. Cutler is cleared of both charges and Rabbits is convicted instead.

Warship (1973-77) S01E04 - Funny, They All Say That

Aired 28th June 1973 21:25 - Petty Officer Willows leaves the ship to sort out the debts run up by his oniomaniac wife. While at home, he is approached by a foreign agent who impersonates naval security, obtaining a confession for smuggling and then blackmailing him into becoming a spy. Back on the ship, he photographs documentation for a new submarine detection system. However, when Nialls finds out about his debts, he has him transferred off the ship and calls in the real naval security for further investigation.

Warship (1973-77) S01E05 - The Drop

Aired 5th July 1973 21:25 - With HMS Hero at Malta, Chief petty officer Donovan, who previously had criminal dealings with a man named Spiro, goes ashore to recover his money which he had left in the hands of his girlfriend Gina. However Gina is now living with Spiro and between them they have disposed of it. Gina's death is faked and Donovan is threatened with being framed for the "murder" if he doesn't deliver an advanced electronic valve from Hero. He is caught with the valve while leaving the ship, but the British intelligence services want the delivery to go ahead in an attempt to capture a Soviet scientist. The scientist turns out to be a woman who has been socialising with the officers of HMS Hero, but she evades capture.

Warship (1973-77) S01E06 - The Prize

Aired 12th July 1973 21:25 - HMS Hero encounters an abandoned freighter at sea off the regular shipping lanes. A boarding party searches the ship and discovers explosive charges set to go off, but as they leave the ship, AB Drew falls off a ladder below decks and suffers a potential back injury, making him difficult to move. Beaumont and Master-at-arms Heron defuse a plastic explosive, a limpet mine and a depth charge, the latter with the help of the appointed explosives expert Lieutenant Parry, who turns out to be terrified of the job. HMS Hero takes the freighter in tow, which will allow the crew to share the salvage prize and thwart the presumed insurance fraud.

Warship (1973-77) S01E07 - Sub Smash

Aired 19th July 1973 21:25 - HMS Hero takes part in an exercise with the submarine HMS Omega. AB's Wallace and Pomeroy from Hero go aboard Omega as visitors. Omega attempts to hide from Hero by bottoming on the sea floor at 160 feet. However, it strikes a WW2 mine and its accommodation compartment is holed. Once the compartment is sealed off, Wallace and Pomeroy are trapped in the forward torpedo bay. With the sub unable to surface and the aft escape tower out of service, the only option for survival is for divers from HMS Hero to repair the hole. Pomeroy panics and attempts to flood the torpedo bay and use the forward escape tower, an action that would doom the submarine's crew, but is physically restrained by Wallace. Once the hole has been patched, the submarine safely surfaces.

Warship (1973-77) S01E08 - A Standing And Jumping War

Aired 2nd August 1973 21:25 - HMS Hero arrives at Hafsidia, the capital of the Arabic-speaking state of Hafsidia. It's government has heard rumours that Britain is considering selling a frigate to Israel, and demands that Britain promise never to do such a thing, with a threat to seize HMS Hero if a deadline is not met. When Nialls hears that Britain will reject the demand, he must arrange an escape, with the assistance of a British agent named Tashing. Replacement engine oil is floated across the harbour at night, 22 of Hero's sailors are rescued from detention onshore, and HMS Hero evades guards on the wharf, artillery pieces, a mined boom across the harbour, a gunboat, and two approaching (presumably Russian) frigates. Lieutenant Parry is killed by a rifle shot from shore, but HMS Hero heads for a liaison with her sister ship HMS Phoebe.

Warship (1973-77) S01E09 - Shoresides And Home

Aired 9th August 1973 21:25 - With HMS Hero at Gibraltar, Master-at-Arms Frank Heron applies for extended service, but is shocked when it is rejected. He argues with his girlfriend Maura who is returning to England. Also in port is HMS Boadicea, commanded by Commander Murton, who Heron blames for putting a black mark on his record. At an on-shore party, Murton argues with his own girlfriend, Peggy Carter, who he wants to break up with. A drunk Heron arrives to confront Murton, but he is taken back to the ship. Murton and Nialls, drunk, make a bet of £500 over which ship can get back to England first. Nialls tells Heron to pull himself together. Murton sabotages Niall's chances by having him delayed at the base, but Nialls phones Peggy Carter, who arranges for her connections to send Boadicea on a bogus assignment, allowing Nialls to win the bet. Back in England, Heron is apparently marrying Maura.
A full list of Warship (1973-77) Season 2 Episode Synopsis can be founs below:

Warship (1973-77) S02E01 - The Raid

Aired 15th October 1974 20:10 - HMS Hero is under battle conditions, with an embarked squad of Royal Marine Commandos led by Lieutenant Palfrey, whose father was a highly decorated WWII general. Deployed from HMS Hero to blow up an enemy radar station ashore, the squad is apparently killed and Palfrey captured. Under questioning, he explodes when compared unfavourably to his famous father, breaks his interrogator's neck, and escapes into the countryside. The final minutes of the episode reveal that the entire scenario was a NATO training exercise in the Netherlands, and Palfrey has killed a Dutch Army officer - and now the Army, the police, and Commander Nialls have to find him.

Warship (1973-77) S02E02 - Without Just Cause

Aired 22nd October 1974 20:10 - Commander Nialls faces a difficult situation when Lieutenant Palfrey kills a man and escapes custody during a NATO exercise. A manhunt ensures, and Commander Naills wrangles over jurisdiction, hoping for a Naval trial if Lieutenant Palfrey is taken alive.

Warship (1973-77) S02E03 - Who Run Across The Sea

Aired 29th October 1974 20:10 – In an age of terrorism and guerilla warfare, Commander Naills knows that he may be ordered at any time to turn his guns on another vessel but never thought that other ship might be a British naval unit. Commander Nialls experiences the true burden of command when the Hero is ordered to fire upon another British ship.

Warship (1973-77) S02E04 - The Immortal Memory

Aired 5th November 1974 20:10 - Whilst at a party in Plymouth, Bob Last, Navigating Officer of HMS Hero, bumps into Timothy Penn who he later finds, when he reports on board that he is the new deputy weapons officer. Although Penn knows his subject he is disenchanted with a career in the Royal Navy. He therefore proceeds to walk a fine line to gain a discharge for being unsuitable for service and that way he gains his university education for free. His immediate target is the first lieutenant Derek Beaumont but it is Commander Mark Nialls who ultimately has to try to persuade the wayward Timothy Penn.

Warship (1973-77) S02E05 - One Of Those Days

Aired 12th November 1974 20:10 - HMS Hero's departure undergoes a delay of several hours, while commander Naills predicts it is not the end of the world. Event soon conspire to revise his opinion and Commander Nialls has his hands full as the inconvenience becomes a sudden crisis.

Warship (1973-77) S02E06 - The Man From The Sea

Aired 19th November 1974 20:10 - HMS Hero is dispatched to find survivors of an airliner that ditches in the sea. Commander Naills finds himself not only at the centre of a narrowing rescue operation, but enmeshed in a web of international intrigue.

Warship (1973-77) S02E07 - Nothing To Starboard

Aired 26th November 1974 20:10 - Lieutenant Commander Beaumont, with a time of soul-searching, has his loyalty to the Royal Navy and to Commander Naills tested by an old girlfriend and the lure of a new career.

Warship (1973-77) S02E08 - Distant Waters

Aired 3rd December 1974 20:10 - While on patrol on distant waters in the Arctic Ocean, HMS Hero intercepts and investigates a message regarding a mutiny on board a British trawler.

Warship (1973-77) S02E09 - Away Seaboats Crew

Aired 10th December 1974 20:10 - Two new sailors, L/S Steele and Ord. Jones, join HMS Hero. They quickly come into conflict with AB Radcliffe, who'd had a bad history with Steele in a previous ship. The situation worsens when Steele is promoted and reports Radcliffe for insubordination. When Steele disappears overboard, suspicion naturally falls on Radcliffe as the crew, knowing that Steele's chance for survival in the cold North Atlantic water is dwindling with each passing moment, desperately search for the missing man.

Warship (1973-77) S02E10 - Echo Of Battle

Aired 17th December 1974 20:10 - HMS Hero conducts a military exercise with a German submarine and a high-ranking German politician joins the ship for the exercises at sea. No one can discover why he asked specifically for HMS Hero but Commander Nialls is suspicious of the ailing German politician. Soon there are more urgent questions to be answered.
A Full list of Warship (1973-77) Season 3 Episode Synopsis can be found below:

Warship (1973-77) S03E01 - And Wings Of Gold

Aired 6th January 1976 20:10 - Commander Glenn, HMS Hero's new captain, faces the test of navigating an Arctic ice-field. He has a way with jet-fighters and women, but an Arctic ice-field is no place to test his prowess with a frigate.

Warship (1973-77) S03E02 - What Are Friends For?

Aired 13th January 1976 20:10 - HMS Hero intercepts a suspicious motor-launch at sea and Nelson is said to have turned a blind eye. Commander Glenn must choose between doing his duty or repaying an old friend for past debts.

Warship (1973-77) S03E03 - Knight Errant

Aired 20th January 1976 20:10 - A lone yacht at sea presents both a dilemma and several surprises for Commander Glenn.

Warship (1973-77) S03E04 - They Also Serve

Aired 27th January 1976 20:10 - While HMS Hero has trouble at the dockyard, Commander Glenn faces his own problems with a woman.

Warship (1973-77) S03E05 - Under The Surface

Aired 3rd February 1976 20:10 - HMS Hero's continued lack of success in anti-submarine warfare exercises against HM Submarine Ovid rattle Captain Glenn's self-confidence and cause increasing tension between him and his officers. Ovid's captain and Glenn's old friend, Commander Tremayne, offers to set up a new exercise and make it into more of a learning experience for Glenn, but the constant changes in the training program and Glenn's apparent lack of concern for his crew lead to a showdown between him and his first lieutenant, Lt. Commander Beaumont.

Warship (1973-77) S03E06 - Rough Run Home

Aired 10th February 20:10 - HMS Hero's cruise has plenty of complications, including a pilot with problems, a research scientist full of ideas and a trial for HMS Hero.

Warship (1973-77) S03E07 - All Of One Company

Aired 17th February 1976 20:10 - The crew of HMS Hero struggles to get along with each other. ‘If you can’t take a joke, you shouldn’t have joined in.’

Warship (1973-77) S03E08 - Quiet Run Ashore

Aired 24th February 1976 20:10 - A board of inquiry is set up on board HMS Hero after a tragedy in a minesweeper.

Warship (1973-77) S03E09 - The Ides Of Mark

Aired 2nd March 1976 20:10 - With Commander Glenn now in charge of HMS Hero the ship prepares for a naval inspection. Assisting Rear Admiral Staunton in this task is Mark Nialls, formally much respected captain of HMS Hero. Nialls and Glenn have a slight rivalry between them so Nialls is looking forward to winding Glenn up with the Naval tasks associated with the inspection. He wanders over to the ship to sow a few rumours as to what they could be. The tasks, called 'evolutions' help to demonstrate teamwork and initiative as well as being very humorous.

Warship (1973-77) S03E10 - The Buccaneer

Aired 9th March 1976 20:10 - A court martial appears imminent when a cruiser suffers friendly fire from a Naval jet and this presents a challenge for Commander Glenn.

Warship (1973-77) S03E11 - Divert With Dispatch

Aired 16th March 1976 20:10 - HMS Hero investigates the disappearance of a millionaire's yacht at sea.

Warship (1973-77) S03E12 - Heart Of Oak

Aired 23th March 1976 20:10 - Leading Regulator Fuller's marriage and Chief Cook Mantell's career are both headed for trouble and a crisis-point.

Warship (1973-77) S03E13 - First Turn Of The Screw

Aired 30th March 1976 20:10 - Following a fire at a MoD scientific station, on an island called North Krona HMS Hero is ordered there. They are to deliver bulk feed items and offer any assistance with any rebuilding they may require. When they land there they find the atmosphere rather frosty as one of the five people there is missing. Commander Glenn's investigations into what is going on is helped by the fact that one of the team there is a woman from his past.
A Full list of Warship (1973-77) Season 4 Episode Synopsis can be found below:

Warship (1973-77) S04E01 - Wind Song

Aired 4th January 1977 20:10 - Ex Polaris submarine captain Edward Holt is in command of HMS Hero currently on duty in the Hong Kong area. In this episode he welcomes aboard his new first officer James Napier who has just flown into Hong Kong to meet the ship. There is local unrest about nuclear testing in the pacific area mainly voiced by Chris Panmuir. A press conference given on board ship by Mr Thomas Meryon MP leads to a challenge being thrown down by outspoken freelance journalist Zoe Carter and a 'protest cruise' in Panmuir's yacht Windsong being undertaken just as a test is about to start.

Warship (1973-77) S04E02 - Singapore Incident

Aired 11th January 1977 20:10 - An executive jet flying a routine trip to Singapore issues a mayday call and is forced to ditch at sea. Captain Holt and the crew of HMS Hero are ordered to investigate. The plane was carrying top secret papers which Hero must try and locate and then take on to Singapore. Once there their attempts to safely hand over the papers result in a lengthy car chase. It is only after successfully evading their pursuers that the full truth of their mission is revealed.

Warship (1973-77) S04E03 - Diplomatic Package

Aired 18th January 1977 20:10 - One of the islands in the vicinity of Hong Kong now has a large oil field, to which the UK would like favorable concessions. To show the British presence, HMS Hero drops anchor in the port and Captain Holt and his crew practice their diplomacy ashore. The man with the most influence on the island, a Mr.Zee Khay Lim, Minister for Foreign Affairs presents a difficult challenge for Captain Holt, although it is his daughter Akiko who inadvertently helps to tip the situation in favour of the British.

Warship (1973-77) S04E04 – Rendezvous

Aired 25th January 1977 20:10 - HMS Hero becomes involved in a manhunt after a wealthy businessman escapes from a Hong Kong mental institution and flees to an outlying island, and Bill Kiley meets up with an old flame.

Warship (1973-77) S04E05 - Girl From The Sea

Aired 1st February 1977 20:10 - Whilst watching a naval helicopter exercise HMS Hero rescue a Chinese girl from the water. When they return to Hong Kong it is with the assistance of the police that the mystery starts to unravel. Captain Holt and his guests are invited by wealthy businessman Henry Witzel to an opening of a local youth centre. It is not immediately apparent what the connection is between Witzel and the Chinese girl, now known as local night club singer Lily Tan. When Captain Holt and Zoe Carter do eventually piece the puzzle together it leads to a fairly surprising ending.

Warship (1973-77) S04E06 - A Matter Of History

Aired 8th February 1977 20:10 – ‘ We’re attending a wake in our party frocks.’ The sixth episode of season four of "Warship (1973)" released on Thu Jan 01, 1970. Warship (1973) stars Donald Burton as Commander Nialls, David Savile as Lt Cdr Beaumont and Don Henderson as MAA Heron.

Warship (1973-77) S04E07 - Counter Charge

Aired 15th February 1977 20:10 - HMS Hero is now on its way back from Hong Kong. As they move closer to Portsmouth harbour the ship's crew prepares for shore leave. Amongst preparations Mr. Parsons, the Catering Manager is busy doing the accounts totting up the takings. He retires for the night having made sure all is secure in the catering office. Later that night a break-in is reported the cash tin is found open and James Napier has to undertake and investigation. Whilst trying to learn which of the two main suspects is guilty an ulterior motive to the break-in is discovered.

Warship (1973-77) S04E08 - Man In Reserve

Aired 22nd February 1977 20:10 - A reserve officer proves to be an interesting character aboard HMS Hero. ‘Its like sharing a mess with James Bond, Captain Cook and Tarzan all at once.’

Warship (1973-77) S04E09 - Fall From Grace

Aired 1st March 1977 20:10 - Having returned from an exercise the HMS Hero crew are needled about the state of their ship by Captain Calder. Captain Holt rebuffs with a challenge of a pulling race across the Portland docks. When Holt's crew win the race by unfair means this starts a friendly rivalry 'war' between the two crews. This includes a master strike by Holt using Zoe Carter's journalistic talents to 'interview' Captain Calder. As the 'war' escalates it's the CNC's daughter Arabella Ledson who plays a part in defusing the situation.

Warship (1973-77) S04E10 - Jack Fell Down

Aired 8th March 1977 20:10 - Sub-Lieutenant Carwith comes onboard and joins the crew of HMS Hero.

Warship (1973-77) S04E11 - Robertson Crusoe

Aired 15th March 1977 20:10 - Whilst observing a Russian ship, HMS Hero finds and takes aboard an experimental unexploded mine. With the mine onboard Captain Holt makes plans to sail for Belfast. However his chopper pilot, on a routine flyover of an uninhabited island, spots a man there. The MoD orders Hero back to the island while bomb disposal expert Lieutenant Commander Napier looks after the bomb. Meanwhile a search of the island is conducted to ascertain who if anyone is currently living there. Their search eventually yields the secretive Mr Robertson.

Warship (1973-77) S04E12 - Someone, Somewhere

Aired 22nd March 1977 20:10 - As HMS Hero continues to steam home to Portsmouth, the RAF drop a post package for the crew. For Able Seaman Blane this starts unsettling rumours as to the state of his marriage back in his home village. The timing of this coincides with his imminent CS exams. Captain Holt also has problems when his relationship with journalist Zoe Carter is called into question, to the point of forcing him to consider between Zoe or his career.

Warship (1973-77) S04E13 - Operation Sting Ray

Aired 29th March 1977 20:10 - HMS Hero undertakes a major operation of the evacuation of British nationals from foreign soil whilst under fire.
Thanks for uploading these. I watched them all on Youtube before they were deleted, but it's nice knowing I can rewatch them whenever I want.
Thanks for uploading these. I watched them all on Youtube before they were deleted, but it's nice knowing I can rewatch them whenever I want.
Thank you for your comments @George A. I tried so many times to keep these on Youtube for all to watch but I could not stop the spammer, scammers, etc. from ruining the channel and getting it untlimately shut down. At least this way, safe, secure, private, I can allow fans like yourself to always have a way to re-watch beloved TV series like these. I hope you get to enjoy them for years to come.

Thank you so much for these episodes, I to watched them on Youtube and was very sorry to find them deleted, great to see them again. Thanks
Thank you so much for these episodes, I to watched them on Youtube and was very sorry to find them deleted, great to see them again. Thanks
You're very welcome @HillyG , I tried for years to keep my YouTube channel open but thanks to scammers and spammers, it kept getting shut down. At least this way, I can keep it more secure and readily avialable to fans like yourself to watch whenever you like. I hoped you enjoyed them.

Superb!!! I've been looking for these for ages! As stated above, they used to be on YouTube but I never got around to watching them......I can watch them in slow-time now. I had a speaking part in one of them when they filmed several episodes on the Juno. We did a lot of filming after we took over as Hero from the Phoebe. Their pennant number was F42 and we were F52, so the buffer had to cover over the 5 with a 4 for any shots requiring the side of the ship to be shown! We spent many hours circling around the Isle Of Wight and also at Portland when they were filming. I'm fairly sure that the episode that I'm in is Series 2. I look forward to checking it out!
These have been an absolute pleasure for me to while away some time recently. I never saw the original having been in the mob from 74 to 81 and spending a lot of time away from the UK. As a bonus I've seen the episodes that two of my old ships were featured in; HMS Danae and HMS Blake. Thank you!
These have been an absolute pleasure for me to while away some time recently. I never saw the original having been in the mob from 74 to 81 and spending a lot of time away from the UK. As a bonus I've seen the episodes that two of my old ships were featured in; HMS Danae and HMS Blake. Thank you!
You are very welcome.

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