Glad to hear that the cats in St Luke's Hospice are 'free range' and not those battery kind.

I volunteer to be the correspondent for Hexham and Tynedale. See the kind of weighty issues we have to deal with, I am really glad that this was cleared up before the Nationals got hold of it! Coffee Morning


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Rotherham News Round-Up.

It's the place to live in Yorkshire!

Police hunt attacker

TWO young children watched in horror as their mum was indecently assaulted by a flasher as she walked through a Rotherham suburb.
He exposed himself to the 28-year-old near Greasbrough Junior and Infant School then grabbed hold of the woman and indecently assaulted her. She kicked him and he fled towards Munsbrough Rise.
The victim was left shaken but the youngsters were unharmed in the assault on St Mary's View.
PC Sue Woods, Rotherham police spokeswoman, said: "The victim was understandably very shaken and upset and we are making an urgent appeal to anyone who may have any information regarding the identity of this man.
The attacker was white, about 6ft tall, in his late 20s or early 30s, wore a blue tracksuit, blue baseball cap and trainers.

Horror body find
A 75-year-old South Yorkshire church preacher was battered to death in her own home and her partially naked body set on fire, a court heard.

Pam Vardey was subjected to horrific and prolonged beatings in the lounge and bedroom of her dormer bungalow in Rotherham before being set alight upstairs.
The grim catalogue of injuries she suffered during the terrifying ordeal included 11 broken ribs, fractures to her spine and skull, a broken nose and two black eyes as well as numerous severe bruises and wounds so deep they revealed bone.
Sheffield Crown Court heard some of the injuries could have been caused by the attacker stamping on the widow as she lay bleeding on the floor.
The jury was also told there was a possibility the Methodist lay preacher had been sexually assaulted.
Danny Wilde, of no fixed address but originally from East Dene, Rotherham, denies her murder.
Mr Jeremy Baker, for the prosecution, said the 43-year-old had told police his last memory of that day was getting drunk at his sister's house. The court was told his next memory was waking up in the morning lying next to the body and starting the fires to cover up the evidence.
His DNA was found on a blood-soaked duvet and garment of Mrs Vardey's underwear at the scene.
Widow Mrs Vardey was born in Burngreave, Sheffield, and lived alone at her home on Herringthorpe Valley Road.
Her friends described her as a popular woman who never had a bad word to say about anybody, preached at churches across South Yorkshire and held prayer meeting in her own home.
She was last seen alive by her next-door neighbour Beryl Walsh around 1pm on September 2 2006.
Her battered and burnt body was discovered by firefighters after another neighbour spotted smoke at 9am the following morning.
Forensic officers found blood spatters on the walls, ceilings and furniture throughout the house.
The jury was told two separate fires had been started - one in the bathroom and another in clothes which had been dumped on Mrs Vardey's body in the upstairs bedroom and set alight.
The fires were likely to have been burning for up to 10 hours, the court heard.
Mrs Vardey's body was so badly injured she could only be identified through dental records.
When Mr Wilde was arrested several days later he said to police: "I know who you are. I'm glad you have got me. I'm not going to run and I'm sorry for what I have done to her."
He had been released from prison for a burglary offence less than a week before Mrs Vardey was killed.

Issued by the Rotherham Tourist Information Board.
Two issues spring to mind...

"An arrest warrant has been issued for a Carmarthen man who is suspected to have fled the county "

Isn't that shutting the stable door afther the horse after has bolted. :twisted:

Secondly "Nigel Soper, of Bronwydd Road, faces charges of burglary with intent to commit grievous bodily harm, taking a vehicle without the owner's consent and theft"

If they banged him up in the first place he would have turned up at court, but then again, at least the CPS allowed him to be charged for a change.

If I wasn't a cop I might think to myself Lets hope the victims get him before the old bill, but as I am, I cant think that, I'm not allowed !