Warning: Theme chaos imminent


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FlagWagger said:
brigham600 said:
Flashing light sophisticated, do me a favour. You are a silly enough old sod to know that whatever badge they are wearing, they ARE buntings doing bunting things. :)

:) An honourable calling!

brigham600 said:
Mind you, another badge change means they will now be rope jockeys as well. The age of the bunting is dead, long live the dabber in you all. ;-)

Mined-ewe, I've gone over the dark-side of CIS, never again to experience the luxury of the signal-deck, condemned to work in an MCO or even worse, a Royal Sigs Regimental CP wearing CS95 .... and green is just not my colour! :roll:

:D Can just see you in green mate. To be honest, its a great shame the buntings have all but gone as I used to love the banter. :lol:


Always_a_Civvy said:
higthepig said:
Sorry Good Co ive clicked on the link and tried to change it but no go , could you please be a bit more specific? Its the home page I`m on about, to get rid of those lamp flashers back to the original heading, thank you.

You're quite right Hig. I've tried all the themes and you seem to have the choice of a flasher or a bootie and nothing inbetween. Truly shocking. Well I'm off to find me blue teddy bear and hide as I can't cope with the flasher and his peeping tom mate... 8O

I cant change it either , :?
FFS, it's not so complicated. I thought it was us Army types that were supposed to be solid? I added an RM theme not an RN one. YOu can change the RM one back to the old one if that's what you were using by following the link. If you're using the RN one I've changed nothing but the front page picture, and if you don't like it, then don't farking look at it!
I should mention here though that I'm not a big fan of that picture either as it has no humour. Like I said, new one on the way with the arrival of the new RR logo.


War Hero
Not farking looking at it because they look like foreign navy types! Its ARRSE! (hope I'm not breaching your copyright there - LOL!)
Cool - there are always small problems with this sort of thing as the colour schemes are complex and a bit of a black art, especially trying to get them to work on the various different browsers.

Like I said the RN one comes next and I think was in more need of work than the RM one. Also I'd quite like to get some more bolt-ons on the site - Google maps, possibly blogs etc. 9 months ago the site was too small to make these sorts of things a success, but I think we've more than enough members now. Suggestions please.....


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Good_CO said:
Ahh, sorry. Next time I'll try to be a bit more specific following this example perhaps :)
higthepig said:
Sorry Good Co, I dont know about others, but i prefer the old top of the page bit.
This of course tells me exactly where the problem lies as long as I delete "top of the page bit" and insert "middle of the front page".

Also I am now well used to people complaining at a change to the sites. If it had a turd on the front and I swapped it for Pamela Anderson someone would complain. So, for the moment at least, unlucky.

The RN front page picture is an attempt to make RR a bit more modern, and will change relatively soon as a new site logo comes in (see elsewhere) and perhaps a rotation of photos from the gallery.

Could you let us know if this turd would be from Pamela Anderson?