Warning Discharge Shore

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Alfacharlie, Dec 16, 2009.

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  1. I know dogs are intelligent, but mine takes the p1ss.
    She must of been logging onto RR and reading about the phantom, because this fcuker is now the canine version. As a fully grown adult dog, never had any snags until recently, she's started sh1tting.

    I've run out of excuses to tell the mrs, as she wouldn't believe me when I said it was me.

    It's now at the stage where I have no choice but to place her under CO's warning for discharge shore. One more fcuk up, she's over the fcuking wall and outside.

    Anyone want the cnut?
  2. That gives the verb a whole new meaning.

  3. Ha ha. Never realised that.

    Dirty fcuker. My local Chinese are up for adopting her anyway, not sure why exactly?
  4. Just hammer a cork up it's harris, attach a piece of string so you can pull it out when you want it to crap...simples (or get a little kid to pull it out saying there's a prize on the other end if they watch closely)
  5. Fcuking top idea that wrecks!
  6. Your post is most unclear as to who may be going outside. . Given that a dog is mans best friend I sincerely hope that it is your Mrs that is under warning.
  7. :D AC do what I did shoot the fcuking dog, get a new one, then shoot the missus cos dogs really are mans best friend just ask Tiger Woods
  8. The advice on lil's is absolutley the best around. Cheers team, I feel safe in the knowledge that you all have each others best at heart.

    I can now continue making the best decisions for me and my family. Many thanks.

    Who needs Jeremy Kyle?? He's a cnut.

    Who needs matelots/pongos? Every fcuker does.
  9. What make and model of dog is it?

    Some of the more pedigree ones fetch good wedge.

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