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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Spooked, Feb 16, 2008.

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  1. I have been told that warfare can cross over to aircrew later on in their career. I'm asking purely because I would like some more knowledge of this subject before I make a decision....

    I have failed the FATs/aptitude (Yes, I was applying for the Crabs as I had a flying schol so felt I should apply to them) twice aged 17 and 18 (due to being naive on my part and not doing much maths prep the first time then again the second time...idiot). I've done EFT and finished with an FJ rec but can't apply as aircrew because I haven't passed the FATs even though I've done EFT (AIBs decision).
    My ACLO has suggested applying as Warfare and crossing over to aircrew later on, however I am wondering whether I am being strung along because surely I would have to pass the FATs to cross over and I've had my two goes haven't I - or have I?! His answer was that 'things are different once you are in' and I couldn't manage to glean aything else out of him!

    I last did the full battery in 2003... a long time ago!

    (Oh and hello to anyone who's just twigged who I am :thumright:)
  2. I was in the same situation. I wanted to cross over from ATCO to Pilot later on in my career. I passed for Pilot and ATCO but was told my chances of getting an entry date for Pilot was slim.

    Becoming an officer was more importand to me so i took ATCO.

    I think it can be done but it is not easy to do. That's what i was told anyway.
  3. Cool - cheers for that. Wafare does interest me but I wanted to know the in's and out's as I've had my heart set of aircrew for a long time so obviously it's hard to accept something else.

    Does anyone know the ins and outs of the cross over process?
  4. Best bet is to go and ask your AFCO! He or She can help you!
  5. They only said regarding aptitude that things were different once you were in and didn't seem to have any specific answers/any more info.
  6. Cant quite understand having failed FATs twice you have managed to pass EFT with a FJ recommend? With the Crabs or on a UAS? Either answer begs the next question - why not stay in/join the crabs ??

    ASFAIK if you are a fishead master race type who wants to become a WAFU you have to do the FATs - so if you have already done them twice and stoofed them they may well say no. However ...... a FJ recommend, combined with 5060's (or equivalent) may well help though.

    If approved the application and domestics etc are handled by the respective career managers in DNCM and is not a drama. Ask your AFCO to phone the pilot career manager in Whale Island and ask the question - the AFCO him/herself will not know the answer.

    Just some thoughts.
  7. UAS before the system changed. I failed aptitude because I couldn't do SDT having become lazy at school and then taking some advice from a friend who go in who said 'focus on the first 5 only for pilot and you'll be fine'. It's my own fault for a) taking this advice and b) not working on my maths second time round.
    The Crabs have dangled the carrot but won't take me saying my EFT is worthless (even though there are guys getting streamed off UAS EFT, albeit not many anymore) and I saw the light after actually doing some research about the RN - the lifestyle is more appealing and the RN seem to embrace sport more than the Crabs. I tried to join the Crabs because I felt a loyalty having been given a scholarship etc.

    AIB say differently - I need a FAT pass to get anywhere even though EFT surely superceedes FATs?

    DNCM...? Sorry - an FLA I'm not aware of! Thanks for your thoughts. I know it's complicated and it drives me nuts, as I can do it but because I haven't passed the computer bit I can't have a career out of something that I have proved I can do!
  8. DNCM is the Directorate (??) of Naval Career Managers - aka the Appointers. Ask your AFCO to phone one of the pilot CMs (there are 2) - he should be able to answer your questions. You could also try the Flying Training desk in Fleet (2x WAFU Lt Cdrs). I guess it depends on how many youngsters are applying at the moment.

    Hope this helps.

    p.s. BTW I got a FJ recommend as a result of a Crab CFS trap ride during UAS - ended up RN commissioned baggage lol - no regrets and no chips on either of my shoulders! Stick at it - at least it shows committment.
  9. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    It is becoming less of the norm now. It can be done but you would need to be stella on the tests etc.

    That said it is harder to get in as a Warfare Officer than Pilot at the moment.
  10. I was told that FAT's could only be taken twice in someones life time.
    It would be unfair for them to change the benchmark and let you become a pilot, and you havn't passed FATs.
  11. Yeh but I've done EFT which superceedes FATs IIRC.

    I know what you are sayig but it is frustrating as I have basically learnt to run before I have walked in some sense and skipped a bit and done well.

    I just wanted to know what the warfare x over would entail as it's being suggested by my ACLO....
  12. Commitment, Hard Work and proving to your CO that you have the capability of doing it.
  13. But what about the FATs situation!?!
  14. It doubt it matters what spercedes what! If you can't do the supposed "easier" one, surely they can't move the goal posts just for one person!

    If you can't do the maths at FATs how do you plan on passing the flight grading stage (phase 2 of BRNC)?! I have been told the majority of that is Maths and more aptitude tests.

    Maybe because you had done well at this other thing, they might let you have another go at FATs? I don't know really.

    I just know a lot of people who pass FATs don't get a place as a pilot!! Would surely not be right for you to get a place and not have passed!
  15. I'm not going to argue on hear with you but basically I've done EFT which is harder than flying grading and they say you reach aptitude peak during your early 20's not age 17/18.
    Oh and I got an FJ rec which surely says I've got the ability? And I can do the maths, I just hadn't prepped enough prior to my aptitude tests as I hadn't done maths since GCSE which was all very algebra based and with a calculator.

    I'm merly asking what the deal with warfare cross over is not whether I should be given a place on BRNC as a pilot.

    And to be honest, there aren't many people at all in my situation left within the age limit so moving the goal posts for one person wouldn't be a massive drama I shouldn't think.
  16. Technically FATs are designed to test you ability to Train not you ability to fly.

    Well i'm not going to argue either lol, just giving my opinion!

    I would say your ACLO should be able to give you an answer or at least direct you to someone who could! Like you say, not many people in your situation so people might not be able to give you a decent answer on here!

    I'm glad i'm not at my peak yet lol!
  17. How did you pass a test that is harder yet fail the easier one? Twice

    That is how the RN will see it.
  18. Yup I know - but bearing in mind I took them when I was 17/18 and was naive enough not to prepare as back then there weren't sources like Pprune, RR etc. ;) I have learnt from my mistake unfortunately it's done nothing for me.

    I'm just a bit confused as to why it's being suggested I go warfare and go for a cross over. I think I shall have to dig a bit deeper via my ACLO! I was hoping maybe someone on here had experienced it but it has kind of turned into a dicussion about my failings and undoings.
  19. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I'm confused- you've completed Elemental Flying Training? (16+ weeks in-sevice training, around 60 hours flying) Or do you mean you were in the UAS (10 hours flying per year on average) and got a PPL and took some of the selection elements of EFT? How did you undergo full EFT & gain a Fast Jet recommend without passing FATs & actually joining?

    The bottom line is you get two goes at FATs.

    Anyone who has not undergone two FATs can indeed join any specialisation, not just Warfare & if academically qualified for Officer selection, may apply as aircrew if they're eligible.

    I'm confused too. I rather suspect it's been suggested you join as a Warfare Officer & hope for divine intervention!

    Good luck in your aspirations.
  20. I'm currently holding and have met 1 warfare cross over when I was grading and it took him 6 years to get there!! With regards to the FAT situation the Navy do follow the 2 strike principle no matter. When I was going through BRNC someone attempted an early x-over with 200+ hours with a PPL but was turned away due to having failed the FAT's twice 5 years previous.

    I don't want to seem harsh but thats my experiences.

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