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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dee_muppet, Nov 30, 2011.

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  1. hey guys, am in phase 2 doing warfare spec course. We are hearing about EW's, AWW's, UW's and AWT's. I know when we pass the test we are AWT's but we have been told a select few with high scores may get chosen to carry on and become EW's. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me a bit more about what they do, as the brief was just that. BRIEF!!


  2. They detect the threat passively, using their kit to find and classify radars from other air and surface platforms. Also in charge of firing decoys (chaff, flares etc) and they are the guys who prepare threat briefs for the Ops team before going into the operating area. On a FF/DD the PO EW "Golly" attends Command Briefs and is responsible for keeping the CO, PWOs & Aircrew abreast of the current situation.
    At action they get to blow whistles loudly, scream zippo blah and generally raise the noise level.

    Now standby for a PWO to come along and give you the true story.....
  3. I was one before I branch changed. You sit in front of UAT and stare at numbers, lot's of numbers. When you see numbers that correspond to a threat you get to blow a whistle and shout. When you're not doing that you sit in an airlock and load the seagnat launchers when a bell rings. When you're not doing that you are cleaning the EW office. When you're not doing that you're cleaning flats. When you're not doing that you're pumping up the seaboats.

    When you progress to Killick, you then watch people do all of the above. When you're not doing that, rather than sit on UAT you sit in front of a radar screen and suggest an angle for the ship to face the missile threat. You also get to make nice little power point presentations and ORBATs with pretty pictures of ships.

    This is why I branch changed. Stick with AWT, you can thank me later.

    Edited to add: I forgot about CSS, that's boring too.
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  4. I would suggest that each one has it's plus and minus. All will involve watchkeeping and cleaning. UW is good - as you need to use your brain on a 2087 T23, but pretty dull on a T45.

    The best thing would be to get to your unit and then ask the Departmental Co-ord to do a TEM if you don't like your current billet. WS is a good branch for promotion, if you work hard, complete your taskbooks (absolutely key) and pin your ears back. WS is the branch that stops a warship from being a cruise-ship!
  5. All of the above.

    Also try googling it - the Wikipedia article looks like someone has cut and pasted it from ATP1. (I am not suggesting you learn it, but it will tell you what Electronic Warfare actually is)

    Just relieved I got nothing but lighters when I googled Zippo 1!
  6. MY Bold

    UAT? Sprog .... UAA1 :)
  7. I'm an AWT. However gollies have now separated from the WS branch as in you now can join up as one. You'll be streamed from phase one.

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  8. I did stare at that too, but only on course at Dryad. It was poo!
  9. Had UAA1 on my first ship :s

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  10. RPs couldnt understand how we used to get off the UAA1 after an hour or so to rest our eyes on a radar plot instead.
  11. The source branch Gollies taught me how to use UAA1 not my bag though so I moved on to ******* the whistles instead

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  12. Whilst writing backwards on a piece of perspex?
  13. Not in my day ( did I just really type that? ) so missed out on that duty. My writing is bad enough doing it properly.

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