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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Spry, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. At the moment im 16 and still at college doing A-Levels (Maths, Computing, Critical Thinking and Engineering) and im itching to get onto a Sub.

    Without going into major detail, im not getting along with College, its purely a lack of academic motivation. (School work is the only thing i've ever struggled to stay focused on bear in mind)

    I was thinking of dropping college and going in as a Warfare Specialist Submariner. What do you guys (those with the relevant expirience) think of that? id just like an 'insiders' opinion. I know i wont be able to take A-levels again, but its something i would be willing to accept.

    Also, whats a realistic scope for promotion? I mean what is the highest rank that a Rating could realisticly be promoted to, and how would one go about that? (How to get noticed for promotion basically)

    Alot of noob questions, i know. But thanks guys
  2. Only Suggestion i can give is to go see your local AFCO arrange a meet and have a chat with him.

    Other than that i would strongly reccomend staying trying to get your A-Levels.

    It's the same as in any job the more effort you put in the more you'll get noticed.
  3. HI I am not in the Navy so cant help very much I am sure some old hands will be along soon.

    But you can be looking at many months until you join (tests, medicals, fitness, clearence) so stick with the A Levels, guessing your in the 1st year as your 16 so doing the AS levels at the moment which should be done by June?? so keep with them. Even if you dont do the whole A level, 4 AS's will be a help later you never know when you need them.

    You can do A levels, degrees later through distance learning quite a few guys do stuff like that on patrol.

    promotion I guess depends on you and only you, showing a good head, willing and get your head down and study for your task books, they say roughly 3-5 years but it can vary between branches quite alot.

    Oh and how far you go? - down to you, can even get a commission - highest rating rank is WO.

    By the way the dry part of submarine training is (well I think from seeing what my husband did) very intensive for about 10 weeks pure studying. but then he isnt tech minded and your doing techy A levels so you should finder it slightly easier

    Why not start the ball rolling? finsih your AS levels and look to join in the Summer? saves siting on your arse over the next few months and studying may help with the testing stage?

    Life is what you make it, want to be a AB for 22 years? you can, want to get up the chain? you can all down to YOU.

    PS (as I was told off long time ago) sub is a bread roll, its called submarine or boat :thumright:
  4. As has been mentioned before the best people to talk to about this is are those at your AFCO.

    However you should stick at the college to get all the qualifications you can before you join so that a wider spectrum of jobs will be opened up to you when you do walk into the careers office.

    As for joining up as a warfare spec, with the things you are studying then you will probably be wasting your time and become bored. The ET branch would be better suited as more techniclly suited to what you are studying.

    However if you get bored studying then it may not be suited to you at all, infact, will any job in the RN as all involve a degree of studying to get qualified and gain promotion.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    100% agree, spot on.

    In addition you can apply for Officer from within the service with 5 GCSE's (A*- C including Maths & English) without the need for A Levels.
  6. Stay in college, get what education you can, this can actually help you once in the RN.

    At 16, I'd say you should wait a year or so before joining, only because I think you should have a bit of your own time, the RN can tie you down at times. I think as a submariner, you have to serve 5yrs before leaving (whether that has changed, not sure).

    Good luck though xx
  7. Personally i would say stay at college. As it opens more doors to you in the future. And i when i went through training the younger lads found it more difficult as they had less leife experience.
    Theres loads of time to join why not waiot until your 18 and have some quals behind you?
  8. Yep - what they all said.

    Oh and BTW - it's 'submarines' or 'boats' - not subs. Terminology is a bit of a bugger but it does mean alot to many peeps. :thumright:
  9. I was in a simaler situation. My AFCO said i could join near the start of next month but i asked if i could get a date after i had finshed college. I really would have loved to just get up and go and leave college because its pants but i was half way through it and thought i might aswell finish it!

    But yeah Head to your AFCO there good banter and no obligation etc.
  10. Agreed

    Don't be so ****. :thumright:
  11. :bootyshake:
  12. you've been given some good advice, i am just finishing my career and i have always been glad i didn't join as a junior (under 17 1/2). if i were you i would finish college and join as an officer, in fact i would probably join the RAF as an officer, life for them seems so much more career orientated. dont join as a baby dabber, skimmer or crab-mariner your life would be shit, with endless cleaning and no real help to dig yourself out of a pit you just dont have to be in.
    ps good luck whatever
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    [​IMG] Obviously, your average school leaver will instantly and completely understand your succinct and wise advice.
  14. Which one of those am i joining as since im joining as a seaman spec? Or do i have another name?
  15. Yeah it makes more sense to stay in college. But of course im just itching to join up, thought id see what you guys thought.

    Correcting 'sub' to 'submarine' in my head

    Cheers guys
  16. Why don't you join the RNR then when you turn 18 join full time.
  17. Certainly getting some academic qualifications under your belt now is good, if you need them later trying to get them them will usually not be as easy. Always aim high, you are less likely to regret the result. If you can join an RNR go for it, you wont be wasting your time however things turn out. Always remeber that how ever you feel now about your career things may change, I'm on my third now, and many people I know have done more, life changes you change, so making sure you are able to make the most of these changes in the future top up on the quals now.
  18. My advice for you, would be not to quit your schooling. I've just recently dropped out of university & I'm dreading that being brought up in the pre-AIB interview, its going to make me look like a drop out, which isn't the ideal impression to create. Plus qualifications get you places.
  19. I agree, School will be crap and you will hate it, but i think sticking it out, joining RNR for some more interesting stuff, bolster your CV and really go for it at officer level!

    People often NOTICE the qualifications you do have but they always QUESTION the ones you don't. I don't have a degree and it means a lower rank and lower pay upon starting at BRNC, but i'm glad i at least stuck out my a-levels, gave me the oppourtunity to join up as a pilot.

    You have to make your own decision though mate, just don't rush into it.

    Best of luck :)
  20. I wouldnt worry to much mate. I dropped out of Uni and im heading to BRNC on Monday. So it can be done just believe in yourself. They do not look for what grades you have or how smart you are. Its the potential you have to become an officer.

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