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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by JAY-2-0, Aug 20, 2012.

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  1. hi

    this is my 1st post, i am currently in the process of entering as a warfare specialist and was just wondering what to expect.

    i will be having my medical in 2 weeks.

    thanks in advance:toothy8:

  2. I'm taking it that you've already found some information about the branch? Have you also tried the search facility on here as there is plenty of info on the branch available

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  3. yes i already know job description ect. just wondering if anyone had firsthand experience on the life i would be leading and what to expect on a daily basis, if i get through the medical that is!
  4. Well apart from what you already know about the job what exactly do you want to know. I wouldn't want to repeat anything you already know and found out as you wouldn't be wiser.

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  5. When i originally applied, i wanted to be a Warfare Specialist, but after speaking to the CA who was an ex-warfare specialist he advised me against it, as he said all you do it look at a screen for incoming missiles which as you will know doesnt happen that often.

    I know they will be more to the job than that but that was his short synopsis.

    In the end i decided to join as a CIS which was my next choice and would give me a good trade when i finished.
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  6. Hi graeme

    i was originally looking to go for air craft engineer, but after discussing it with my career advisor he said i would probably only spend a quarter of my time aboard ship. which to me seems pointless if your joining the navy, otherwise i would join the raf.

    how is/was life in CIS?? i did have a vague look into that but obviously opted elsewhere
  7. Hi Graeme,Firstly I find it hard to understand why a careers advisor would tell you what you said?All jobs in the RN are varied and everyone of us gets involved in whole ship evolutions. Warfare Specialist will spend a lot of their time in the Ops room either dealing with anti air, surface or sub surface threats. You will also get involved with seamanaship evolutions such as anchoring, boat launching etc. There is more to a WS life than you are aware.As a CIS you can again expect to spend time in the Ops room and Main comms office. You will be dealing with all aspects of Ship to Ship/Ship to shore comms. you will also be running the IT systems onboard. Yes without doubt you will get better qualifations for life outside the mob. But you will wait a lot longer for CIS than WS, but is the wait worth it?If you are really not decided on your branch then I would suggest you having another talk with your CA about the options avaialble to youI'm sure some WS/CIS will be along to sing the praises/drip about their chosen branchesRegardsSupermario
  8. Graeme what a load of bollocks your CA told you about WS branch. If you become WS(AWT) or RP in old source branch terms then your core job is radar operations. This varies from Surface to Air to Action environments. If you become a WS(UW) or Sonar in old source branch terms your core job is sonar operations dealing with the ASW environment. If you become a WS(AWW) or gunner/missleman in old source branch terms you will be working the various guns, weapon systems. If you become a WS(EW) then you will be dealing with the electronic warfare environment.

    At the moment the UW and EW are now streaming from Raleigh (basically joining up straight away as one) and they will be doing the same with AWW and AWT. At the moment with RP and gunners as an AB2 you will do both until this happens.

    Yes we spend alot of time in the operations room but that is the core job and it's not just chasing missiles that we won't ever chase.

    Once you join your first ship you will have 6 month to complete your AB2 to AB1 task book. Which is a lot quicker than other branches. Also we no longer have a AB1's PQC (professional qualifying course) its all done on board and you get sent on any courses required as an AB1. So you can easily be ready within all respects for Leading Hand within 2-3 years as long as tasks books are done and you get the write ups.

    Now we also do seamanship I.e working part of ships and doing seamanship evolutions which is something we've done for many many years before the Sea Spec branch evolved into what it is today from the old exec branch.

    We carry out normal fire party duties and ships protection duties alongside in harbour each type of ship slightly vary in which duties they are.

    The CIS branch although under the WE branch now hasn't changed much at all, they're just under a different umbrella but still carry out the same jobs they did under the warfare branch ( they do on our ship so still keep gangway duties, part of ship etc)

    Edited to add. Do the branch that interests you the most. One you think you will enjoy the most. What ever job you do the Navy give money toward gaining qualifications, so doesn't matter really

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  9. Thank you all for your input, especially tommo and mario you have confirmed that i am making the right choice with whats best for me and what to expect if (hopefully) i make it in.

    best regards

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