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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by George_2oo9, Jul 19, 2009.

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  1. Hi everyone, this is my first post so go easy haha, i have applied for warfare specialist and i was just wondering what kind of a job would i get when i leave the RN with the training from WS, ive been told that WS is a crap job to go for but it looks and sounds great to me, what are your thoughts about this job?,

    thanks everyone in advance

  2. McDonalds are always short of people able to dribble and watch a radar console at the same time.
  3. Don't be silly you can't put him in McDonnalds, well not a drive through with cars, look where he comes from. 8O :D :D
  4. George,I was a QR(A) 1 before i became a walking,quick talking,top of the food chain,big blue eye`d,hansome ,POGI,the job oppertunites open to me when i left the mob were ferkin zilch,not much need for a Gunnery instructor in the post office or the stock exchange is there,what i did do was get my HGV 1 and went long distance driving for a few years,

    If i am honest i would not change a thing about my past,i enjoyed my job in the mob and have no regrets,there was a deffinate thrill about being "captain of the gunhouse" and being the ships armourer,so to sum it up old boy if its the future prospects of working in civvie street as a WS then i wouldnt count on it to much,but as we all know times are a changing,good luck 8)

    PS i forgot to say welcome to the forum ya scouse git :D
  5. George, go for WS if that is what you aspire to, you will have plenty of time and opportunity to study whilst in the mob to further your job prospects when you eventually leave.

    Oh and welcome to the forum, do not get stuck in the rut which is newbies, have a look at the other sections, especially D.Lills.
  6. thanks NorwayChris & stirling for the advice , ive got my medical on 29th but hopefully if i pass all of that would i be able to change to weapons engineer (that was my second option) because i still havnt had my interview yet,

    as for maccies that sounds great, nick cars and dribble on customers big macs, might apply there if i dnt get in the navy thanks for your advice captainobvious............. :?
  7. During the medical, in most cases (Having asked the Medic ;)) they touch the soft area up and to the left and right of your groin (under the hips abouts) and ask you to cough. This is the only negative bit of the whole process and is done in a flash anyway though most mature folks should be comfortable standing starkers. I asked for a girl to do it and they said "No". :cry:
  8. haha well at least they dont hold ur family jewels anymore :oops: i'll ask for girl anyway tho, those male doctors put the creeps up me, standing there licking his lips haha..........no thanks :roll:
  9. What? My doc rolled mine around in his hands 8O
  10. And then he gives a shifty side-to-side look as he very slowly lifts his fingers to his beak and takes a rapturous sniff :lol:
  11. No you get your b*lls held now once you get your first ship :oops: :oops: but there are women to be had as well 8O :wink:
  12. George

    Do you know when your interview is likely to be? Have you sat your RT yet?
  13. haha im not really into getting my balls sniffed, i just hope the girls on the ship i'll be going on (hopefully) r good lookin dnt fancy getting to grips with popeye look a like

    Hi Soleil, i havnt got a clue when my interview will be, i took my RT on the 9th june and passed, had my eye test and now medical, I thought ur meant to take the interview before the medical? :roll:
  14. Thats what im gonna do this time when i re-join, im gonna use and abuse the education officer there lol
  15. George

    There is some flexibility in the order of the different elements of the Recruitment Process. It's quite likely something to do with the AFCO's diary - the person interviewing you might be on holiday for the next two weeks but the Medic is available, so they have scheduled the two elements accordingly.
  16. ok thanks soleil, my dads m8 is a ships writer in the navy and he told me to go for Hydrographic, Meteorological and Oceanographic Specialist, do you think i could change to either that job or weapons engineer, or should i just stick with what ive chosen.
  17. dude im going in as WS and to be honest i cant wait, ive got a mate whos jsut finished training for WS and he said it was brill, real good fun. dont change just because of what other people say. if you like it then you go for it.
  18. i still want to go in as WS but im just thinking ahead to the day when i leave but i can always gain qualifications once im in, i think me and you chris are the people going in for WS on here,

    hi StixJimboRM

    after i had my RT they said i passed then said they will get in touch with me over the interview, i asked about thinking of changing career roles due to what score i got on the RT and they said they will discuss this at the interview?? :?
  19. I loved being in the OPS department/ Warfare Department. The job is what you make of it. If it's what you wanna do then do it.

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