Warfare Specialist

My son has just been offered this position presuming he passes his medical/interview. He has passed his RT & eye test.

My question is what are the masks they wear for? We can't seem to find any info out about it. He wants to know in case he gets askes this in his interview.

Can I also ask - when you do the fitness test, is it just the 2.5km run you do or do you also do the sit/press ups too?

Many thanks

Which masks do you refer to? The Respirators? i.e gas masks which is self explanatory or the white hoods which cover half the face? They are anti flash hoods, to protect most of the skin from any fire flash etc they're used for most roles on the ship during exercises/ war time.
Groovy Chick

They are anti-flash hoods - when the ship steps up to a high state of readiness - i.e. if there is a potential threat - the hoods are worn to protect against possible flash burns. Formula 1 racing drivers wear similar ones.

Fitness test is a 2.4km run - no press-ups.
Warfare Specialists wear different masks for different occasions, for instance:

S10 Respirator (Gas Mask) This is to protect Warfare Specialist when the ship gets attacked with biological or chemical weapons. It prevents you from inhaling any of the nasties in the air which in turn stops you from coughing up your spine until you die from it. These are also very handy when visiting the fetish clubs and brothels in foreign ports.

3M Dust Mask, as worn by proffessional painters and decorators the world over. This prevents the Warfare Specialist from inhaling dust and developing cancer when they are painting and decorating.

Acid Protection Mask, a slightly more heavy duty version of the 3M. Worn when using acid to strip rust. I'm not sure what it's for, I always enjoyed the taste and hallucinogenic qualities of acid.

Anti Flash, the white cloth masks you often see sailors wearing in ops rooms in recruiting brochures. These are worn so that when the ship catches fire after being hit with an Exocet or similar rocket propelled anti shipping ordnance, the Warfare Specialist's face will not melt. (save for the eye area which is not protected) It can also be used to disguise one's identity when running around the ship sans clothing, although the tattoos the Warfare Specialist will invariably get usually cancel this out.

Hope this helps.

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