Warfare Specialist??

Hi, ive just passed my psychometric test, and ive selected to go for warfare specialist, i was wandering what the training for it was like and if it was hard and if so waht parts of the training. If anyone could shed light on this it woud very much appreciated. Thank you :)


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Might have changed a bit since I went through (I was one of the last OMs) but basically your WS training is usually your first 8-10 weeks at Collingrad and you'll do all your radar and ops room theory, basic internal and external comms (always good fun for those with 'distinct' accents) and a few practise runs in the simulators. Your last two weeks of WS training is pretty sweet and you'll be in the ops room for exercises and stuff with all the other people doing anything from killicks' to PWO's course. Once that's out of the way you'll do a few one-week courses in first aid, more NMT, BSSC (sea survival, damage control, fire fighting etc) and you'll go up to al Y Bont for a spot of AT which is ace.

There's exams every week so remember to swot up as much as you can. Have fun and good luck!

The real fun starts when you get onboard and find out what being a dabber rally entails though :lol:

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