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I got my PRNC and my entry date for Raleigh but after reading a lot of posts on here I’m worried I’ll regret my decision, is it too late to change to a weapons engineer or should I stick it out? Could anyone try and put my mind at ease about WS or is It as bad as they say?


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See this it the thing I don’t wanna spend 4+ years being a glorified painter
Things may have changed since my time but most branches found themselves wielding the paintbrush at some time. Admittedly some more than others. If you want to avoid painting join as an officer and then you can direct the painting rather than do it yourself.
PS In later life when I became a home owner my painting skills have not been found wanting.:)


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See this it the thing I don’t wanna spend 4+ years being a glorified painter
Join the army then and get people shooting at you!!!
Seriously, even we Wafu’s wielded a paint brush when the situation arose. The navy hasn’t got around to a painting and decorating branch. (Yet).


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I'm an ex chef and I was painting the lagging at one point. Everyone gets involved in the upkeep of the ship, she is your home :)

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I was a Dabber for 7+ Years and it wasn’t the manual work/ships maintenance that bothered me. As everyone has said, they’ve all been involved in that sort of thing one way or another. You’ll for sure end up doing more seamanship evolutions than all the other branches.

My cons for the warfare branch was sitting on the plot, wasn’t the job for me whatsoever.

I’m not gonna come out and say you shouldn’t join as a Dabber, but take opinions from some of the lads/lasses on here and make up your own mind.

BTW I’m potentially rejoining as a WE.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to PM me, i’ll Try to keep my opinions to myself and just give you facts and my own experience.