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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Brob91, Mar 19, 2016.

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  1. Hi all.

    Are they any current people in service/ knowledge of a Warfare Specialist? Both submarine and normal.

    There hasn't been a post about the role for quite a few years - and all mentions weren't the most positive!

    I really like the sound of the role, would like some opinions/input from people as I am going to apply soon.

    Also, does anyone happen to know the current waiting time for the role, again both submarine and normal if it is different?

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  2. I was a Warfare Specialist for 6 years......basicly you will start off on RADAR and then specialise into SONAR, Electronic Warfare or AIR Warfare........i loved the job while at sea because i got to do what i was trained for but be warned, when along side you will be doing basic ships maintenance, cleaning and stood for long hours on the gangway as security. it is all down to if you enjoy 90% boredom and 10% excitement and make sure you know how to de rust and use a hippies hammer. I'm re joining after being outside for four years and I'm joining the supply chain branch, at 38 the last thing i want to be doing is chipping and painting.........to summarise, its a good branch for the time you are at sea but its poo when alongside.
  3. Unfortunately the above is no longer valid.

    You now put in preference to which sub branch you wish to be in subject to the needs of service you should get your preference and therefore you will be an AB(AWW) aka Gunner or AB(AWT) aka radar operator etc etc from Phase 2. Your courses will be aligned with the other promotional courses of that branch so we have gone back to the old source branch.

    An RNTM came out about it earlier this year.

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  4. cheers for the update tommy, its changed in the four years i have been out then. It does sound like it has changed for the better though.....oh and i am sure that all the mundane chipping and painting out in the cold while the ship is alongside still goes on.
  5. Someone still has to do it, they've yet to design a self repairing ship

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  6. ;)

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  7. Thank you both for your replies! Exactly what I was after. A little lost at the abbreviations, I'm guessing the two you mentioned about the subs is Tactical and Sensors?

    One concern I have about the subs is this; he fitness life style of surface fleet is one big attraction to me. Obviously on a submarine there is very limited fitness options. Is it really that difficult to maintain a good level of fitness whilst serving in the subs? Also, when you're not deployed what would I usually be doing?

    What is RNTM?

    On a separate note, how long usually until the promotion to Leading Hand/the first promotion? How differently would your role change upon this first promotion?
  8. Can't talk about life on a boat because I have not served on one.

    RNTM is basically a memo about certain things that need to be spread across the fleet.

    How long to get promoted? Depends on how quick you get eligible to be promoted and get a write up sent to the board and you get selected then once selected you get on the promotional courses and pass them.

    In a warfare role being promoted gives you fair more responsibility which obviously comes with the biggest pay rise out of them all. Your role becomes more supervisory but you are still hands on (sub branch depending meaning in which way)

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  9. if you are really into fitness, I would steer clear of Subs. Not the best place to practice your favourite hobby
  10. I wouldn't say I'm 'really' into fitness, just wondering if I would still be able to exercise or it'd be a case of nothing whilst your on the sub!
  11. Where can I find this RNTM? Couldn't find any results online for it, could you point me in the right direction?
  12. It's on the defence intranet unless you have use of Dii it won't be available unfortunately

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  13. Hiya where do you go for your phaze 2 training for a warfare specialist?
  14. Collingwood

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  15. Cheers for getting back to me, where are they normally based after phaze 2?
  16. Plymouth or Portsmouth

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  17. Or RAF (Mod) Wyton, saw one the other day in town.
  18. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Or Faslamibad
  19. The question was "normally" Warfare Specs generally serve Guzz or Pompey, with the odd exception in shore draft. Rarely Faslane unless you are talking about Mine Warfare. Warfare Specs are generally AWT, EW, AWW and UW's. HM's are Warfare Specs but they're not referred to as one.

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  20. It's not a case of no exercise, although there will be times when restrictions are in place for various reasons. I have never struggled to maintain my level of fitness at sea on a submarine.

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