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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Warfare Branch wannabe, Dec 22, 2015.

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  1. I want to join the Royal Navy and I was thinking of joining as a warfare specialist.

    I know basic things such as sailors in the role of warfare specialist works in the ops room, monitors radars and sensors also warns the vassal of any dangers.

    What I am asking is what opportunities are there for warfare specialists and what else should I know? Do warfare specialists get to be on boarding parties and what options are open to them etc you get the point.
  2. Well it's Christmas and it looks like we have all just been given a Prezzie.
    Permission to play MODs?
  3. Fill yer boots Slim.;)

  4. Is this another goon who wishes to become a 'Duty Hero' when he goes home on leave ??
  5. No actually. If that was the case I'll try to join the Royal Marines wouldn't I? The only reason why I mentioned boarding parties is because it was the only example I can think of.
  6. According to the latest RNTM 345/15 once you passed out of Part 1 and go into part 2 you will put into preference of which Warfare branch you would like. ie 1st Preference AWW, 2nd AWT and so on.

    You will be streamed into your first preference unless needs of the service requires you in your second prefrence branch. EW's will still be streamed if suitable from part 2 training like they already do.

    All courses of various rates will be on course at roughly the same time so the simulator weeks will have full manning of those on courses. (much like the old ways at Dryad). So PWO's, PO's, LS, AB's will be courses at the same time.

    The branch has pretty much gone back to the old source branch except with new titles of AB(AWT), AB(AWW), AB(EW), AB(UW). So less of the general master of all trades but back to source branch trading.

    As for other options like boarding, it depends on the type of ship and the ship's billets for boarding teams. Being a warfairy your role on board will probably be needed more than being in a boat boarding.
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  7. Not really, I can't even count on one hand the amount of people who even want to be part of the boarding team, we should be encouraging him.

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