Warfare Specialist Vs Seaman Specialist

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Dan.., Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,

    Ok i got a few questions about WS and SS.
    I have looked through all the information on the RN website, so dont send me there :thumright:

    1. Whats the main differences between WS and SS ?
    2. What are the different types of WS and what does each type do ?
    3. Which out of the two would you recommend ?
    4. I have my date for Raleigh and am going in as WS, will I be able to change to SS if I decide I want to and if so how long have i got to decide ?

    Thats all I got for now but if I have any more questions I will post them in here.
    Thanxs :tongue3:
  2. Oh please don`t, PM Ninja Stoker instead he`s very helpful.
  3. 1. Read the RN website and look at the print-outs for each.
    2. Again, it's all on the RN website and the print-outs.
    3. Depends on you as a person and what you want out of the Navy,
    4. As I understood it, your interview was for WS. You will need to do another interview if you change to SS - correct me if I'm wrong.

    Long and short: you obviously haven't read the RN website properly. :)
  4. You may have "looked" at the info on the RN website, you clearly have not read it mate.
  5. Please note that it is very unlikely that you will be able to change specialisation once you join. If you join as a WS, odds on you will stay as a WS.

    Further on down the line, you may try and apply for a branch change, but there will have to be special circumstances, eg a shortage in the SS branch.

    From the RN website Career FAQs:

    Edited to add quotes
  6. Ok well sins it looks like am staying as WS will i get much chance to work on the upper deck with different types of weapons or am i going 2 be sitting in the operation rooms?

    If so then how much time will I spend on the deck campared to in the ops room?

    soz if I didnt read everything on the RN website lol its just alot harder to use now campared 2 the old version.
  7. Hey on the really bright side you be drafted submarines, and you only get out when things start getting wet inside...............
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    [align=center] :laughing3: Ta Hig! :homework: [/align]
  9. Why does the RN Need both Seaman Specialists and Warfare Specialist when both jobs were easily covered by the Old Seamans Branch made up of Seaman Gunners/TAS/RP's???????????????

    Or would that mean that someone would have to admit OM was a F/U?

  10. Dan,

    Welcome to the Warfare Branch! As has previously been mentioned it is highly unlikely (if impossible) to swap to SS at this stage of your career.

    There are a number of specialisations within WS which I'll explain in a bit, first how it works in the mighty RN!

    Ok, forget what you have heard. You'll join Collingwood from Raleigh and learn basic radar plotting, some Action Information Organisation (AIO) stuff and spend a time with each specialisation. All through this you'll be examined on your knowledge and progress. It's not easy, but anyone with a bit of enthusiasm and willingness to study will pass. Lots of sport and vocational training as well.

    After 'Phase 2' training you'll get your assignment order (that's draft order to the olds watching). This means you'll know which ship you'll join.

    The publicity tells you that when you join you'll get to 'choose your trade', but you will not. In reality you'll get a personal plan delivered to you, and you will fill a gap onboard. You will then complete whichever sub-specialisation course is required.

    Once you get onboard you may get the chance to change, but that is probably unlikely. If you do want to change just keep pushing for it and it will happen. but if you sit on your backside it certainly won't be given to you (like most things in life).

    So, your choices are, and this is a very short description:

    AWW (Above Water Weapons) - You get to shoot guns

    AWT (Above Water Tactical) - You get to sit in front of a radar

    UWW (Under Water Warfare) - You listen for submarines

    EW (Electronic Warfare) - You intercept radars and decide what type of platform they come from.

    I will not try to influence your decision, personally I think that UWW & EW are the more interesting branches (I am an EW), but you can decide for yourself once you're at Collingwood.

    Good luck and hope this is useful...........
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  11. <OT>

    Nutty, After joining as a Golly and then re-catting after 5 years to WE I too agree that the OM was a major F/U. On joining Collingwood for my babies WE course I was asked by them upstairs as what do I think of the new (then) propsed OM branch as I would be an ideal candidate. I told them it would be a pile of pooh as the sailors would have too many hats to wear: Seaman hat, Ops room hat , WE hat, Navs Yeo hat, buffers Yeo hat etc.

    But hey, I wasn't getting paid a fortune as a consultant to come up with ways of reducing a ships complement was I? So they weren't going to listen to me :)
  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    * - Or "scrub out and paint for Rounds"! That's why I re-catted to the Executive Department - be your own boss! I got very bored of sitting in the Gloom Room or on the Cable Deck at 0400... 8O :wink:
  13. So you now spend your life being feared by everyone you meet and stiching up your oppo's for minor transgressions? :thumright:
  14. WS and SS are both sub-branches of the Warfare branch, successor to the Seaman branch. So much the same as before anyway; AWTs are roughly analogous to RPs, AWW to gunners etc.

    The party line is that it was appropriate for the time, but it' had its day.

    From experience it was adequate for communicators and gollies, not great but achievable. It was not good for AW or UW, IMHO.

    A whole host of issues, some structural and some down to individuals.
  15. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Absolutely! Small price to pay for not keeping weekend duties on the Gangway for the rest of my time... :twisted:
  16. Apparently sometime during my S(EW) training I signed a piece of paper "volunteering" to become an OM. I spent ages trying to convince my DO that I had absolutely no interest in the WE side of life. This didn't go anywhere and I turned up at Collingwood to do my OM's course. Unfortunately on the first day the instructor said something about us all being willing volunteers... I put my hand up and politely pointed out us wasnt. After a rebriefing by some crusty old Pinky chief who asked me what the hell I knew about WE work to allow me to make a decision it wasnt for me (clearly being married to one wasn't reason enough) I was back at Dryad by the end of the week!
  17. Likewise babe- I had passed for LS(R) when all the OM stuff camee into being - i got told "recat to OM - quicker promotion -" hmmmmmmmm....
    if i wanted to be WE I'd have joined as one!! Anyway stayed as a source branch RP - and got rated quicker than those who DID recat!!

    I have nooooooooooo regrets and totally enjoyed being an RP (old style WS) - and still did seamanship so ............

  18. I recall being on the London as my first draft as a WE and watched as the OM thing hit. Basically, they guys were threatened with re-cat to OM or say good bye to promotion as the Ops branch was going to become a dead duck.

    To be honest, I hated seamanship - I hated it at Raleigh and hated it at sea too. I also preferred the US Navy of having your trade and thats it. I think the RN has got it about right now. Throughly enjoyed being a Golly once I got the hang of it ... but that's another story regarding maturity. "Enjoyed" my draft as the Golly in Belfast (even though there were two incidents where I thought that we were "goosed") and also enjoyed the Gulf Patrol in 87 even though I detected the Iranians tailing us (Handover, 'Oh, thats a "Comm Nav radar"' - my arse, not at 2.7 G) and being locked onto by an Iranian F4 (a week after the USS Starck got hit ...) But I couldn't think of a trade where I could use my Golly "skills" in civvy street - so being in the WE mess and seeing their life style I re-catted ... memories = "old git"
  19. Nothing like a good Golly dit :thumright:
    I transferred my skills of being a geek and a spotter to a career in thet IT industry. :number1:
  20. I too got into IT but have now side stepped slightly. I now work in Information Security. I would have though that in the UK this is a major growth area if you fancy a little bit less stress than the mainstream IT world.

    "Hey, I only clicked on setup.exe, I didn't write this damn programme"

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