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I’m new to this site so please bare with me haha. I’m currently in the process of looking at different roles. I really want to become a warfare officer. However I don’t have a GCSE grade C in maths (I have every other qualification needed) so I was wondering, am I able to join as a warfare specialist then become a warfare officer after I get a grade C in maths. Also if I can how long would I have to be a specialist before I can become an officer

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Can only imagine that the time it takes will depend you. Go in thinking it is a given and you will find life on board more challenging in my opinion. Then, you may not be recommended by your DO/CO or even pass AIB...... Would the Warfare Specialist role be something you would want to stick at long term?

Below is what I could find in BR3 (career bible)......others here will be far more qualified than me to answer your question in greater detail..

All UY candidates must fulfil the following criteria

a. Be recommended by their CO.
b. Have accepted, or accept, a sea-going liability where appropriate
c. Have not been subject to a Career Check within the last 3 years. A rating or other rank with less than 3 years’ service may be registered as a candidate for promotion to officer rank provided they have not been the subject of a Career Check since their date of entry.
d. Have not exercised, or be in the process of exercising, their notice option to leave the Service.
e. Be in date for their RNFT/appropriate RM Fitness Test (to be recorded on JPA) on attendance at the AIB.
f. Have completed the AIB 3-part documentation (See Annex 50I).
g. Satisfy the required educational criteria at Para 9638 and Para 9639.
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In short, possible, but not a given as alluded above.

The only assured way of becoming an Officer is by joining as one.

In certain branches as many as 40% of officers joined as ratings but, the vast majority joined fully qualified academically. We are seeing an increasing number of graduates opting to join as ratings so the talent pool of those eligible for selection is becoming increasingly deeper.

Typically, most people going for a commission via the Upper Yardsman scheme get selected at around the Leading Rate Qualifying period, so about the 4-6 year period for the high-flyers.


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As an SUY my advice would be to take the time to get the qualifications you need and apply to join as an Officer. Selection in service isn’t guaranteed and you will be possibly restricting your reach as an Officer depending on how long it takes to commission.

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