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I am aware that if i was to join as a warfare specialist that there are different roles to this specialisation. AWW, UWW and EW I believe? Please correct me if im wrong. I was wondering wether you get to choose which of these roles you would like to do and how likely you are to get given the role. Or wether it is all to do with which role is in need of more personnel and you dont have a choice on which one you want to do?

I ask this because the AWW sounds like something i would be interested in but the rest do not.

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The Warfare Spec route has 5 main sub specialisations: Above Water Weapons (AWW), Above Water Tactical (AWT), Underwater (UW), Electronic Warfare (EW), and Intelligence (INT). The latter is a relatively new branch that is beginning to replace EW and CT in jobs that they were originally not meant to do.

You can indicate your Branch Of Preference (BOP) at the AFCO, ultimately it is driven by the needs of the service and to some extent by your Recruit Test Score. That said, we all (AWW/AWT/UW/EW) have the same RT score with INT being higher (naturally). Without going into too much detail, the amount of each branch required for the throughput into the Gained Trained Strength (GTS) varies. That is why, depending on when you join, you will be streamed to a specific specialisation. This is then married up with the Phase 2 Training Pipeline and then onto Phase 3 Targeted Employment Modules (PJT's in old money).

As you can see, there are a lot of moving parts in all of that! So, the one thing to take away is:
Have a read up on the WS route (the search bar has returned). I am very vocal on the 'sexy' side of AWW versus the reality (you don't do that much gunnery, but will sit on the plot (RADAR) screen like the rest of us). It also gets quite chilly on the upper scupper.. As 'our Graham' used to say on Blind Date - The choice is yours.

Have a long and hard think before you sign your S 3049 (attestation form), as you will be joining as a generic WS and not an AWW/AWT etc. So when you get to Wk 7/8 of RALEIGH and find out your branch, don't throw your toys out of the pram and come to Phase 2 and request a branch TX as you wont have a leg to stand on.

I had a young lady recently (we will call her Jenny). Jenny tried to hold me/the RN hostage by saying she will just DAOR (Discharge As Of Right/PVR in old money) unless she got her own way (branch of choice). Needless to say, as much as I invest in my trainees in my division, the RN has been around for 500 years and Jenny isn't going to make much of a dent in the fighting strength by putting her chit in. So I told her to vote with her feet.

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