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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by deano_navy, Apr 19, 2010.

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  1. Hi, i just recently passed my RT and i have my medical start of may. i am applying to be a warfare specialst. any ideas how long the waiting times are? also does anyone know the standard your eyes have to be as i am slightly colourblind? any help appreciated.
  2. Hi Deano

    Welcome to Rum Ration!

    Waiting Time for Warfare Spec is currently 24 months.
  3. thanks soleil.

    if i was to pass the rest of my stuff. e.g medical PJFT etc. at the interview would they let me change my choice if there was another job i was interested in with a smaller waiting time?
  4. Dont forget matey. The waiting list isnt set in stone. And is directly linked to the financial situation the country is in. If it improves, people feel safer leaving the mob, and the jobs are freed up for ppl like you and me.

    Besides, whats it matter if you have to wait, if the job is what you want to do then sit tight. Its 24 months weighed against the rest of your life.
  5. yeah thats true thanks m8. by anychance does any1 know the Colour perception minimum standards for WS? as i am slightly colourblind.?
  6. I really dont know buddy. The MODS might know. or Angry Doc. Colorblindness is quite common in society so you might be ok. Best check with your AFCO really. Best of luck buddy.

    Ps- May i ask how you found the RT? Got mine on 29th April and I'm a bit nervous.
  7. thanks. yeah i was trying to find information on it before i done mines too so ill tell you what it thought...

    I was nervous for mines also and i did some practise using some of the links ninja posted. When the test started i thought the first section was easy enough the english stuff etc. when i cam to the maths section and mechanical i had problems. When i was waiting at the end to hear my results i thought i had failed as i knew i got several answers wrong (which i guessd) but in the end i passed.

    The time limits didnt seem to be a problem ehither so i wouldnt worry about them i had time to answer them all.

    any more info you want?
  8. Sounds ok to me. Il work on my maths and mechanical stuff then. English etc always came easy to me. Thanks buddy. Just gotta put up with another week and a half of twitchy impatience till the test lol.
  9. CP2
  10. i think i am going to be cp 3 :( bummer.
  11. Best to not get too disheartened until the Navy medical ppl test you. Then im sure you will be told what you can and cant do.
  12. if your going in the navy mate do a job you want to do not a job that will get you in quicker am going in as a ws started me app last august got a big wait a head but it has to be done hopefully the times will drop down, as for your colour blind i would wait till you have your medical to see what happens but i think its just as same as any other trade
  13. Yeah course. i have looked into a few jobs and the 2 tht most interest me are WS and Seamen spec.
    You started last august? have you been given an official date to start your training or do you just wait to be told? i have my medical soon.
  14. Is that a new branch or just an adqual?

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