Warfare specialist or Comms Info Systems spec?!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by emski, Dec 18, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys

    New to the site and am researching jobs - trying to decide between warfare spec and comms info systems spec?

    Anyone doing either of the jobs that could advice good bad points?

  2. the only bad thing that i can say about ws is the 2 yr waiting list for the trade
  3. I believe people self-select their role. Look them both up on official jobs pages, speak to your AFCO and go for the one which looks like you would enjoy it the most.

    That's why I chose the army over the floating Butlins that is the modern-day navy
  4. But isn't that the only thing you've experienced about the trade so far?
  5. Both have long waiting at the moment anyway so the wait isn't so much of an issue - well it is but there is nothing I can do about it - aside from picking off people one by one and I think that's frowned upon ya see lol!
  6. I used to be on OM(AW) which is the predecessor of WS.

    AWs would be employed carrying out maintenance and operation of the ship's weapon systems (missiles, big guns, rifles, helicopter launched weapons, the lot.) They would also carry out ops room duties i.e. sitting in front of a radar screen for long periods of time, tracking aircraft or ships. Other tasks included steering the ship as bosun's mate or quartermaster, guarding the ship in port, driving the seaboat and acting as swimmer of the watch. Along with all OM branches a large amount of time was spent chipping and painting and carrying out upper deck maintenance, tying up the ship and doing all the seamanship was also one of the main responsibilities.

    OM(C)s were the predecessor of CIS, they basically sit in a communications office all day typing or talking to people on radios that don't work very well. Sometimes they sit on the bridge listening to radios as well or doing morse code with a big flashy light. They also get to do all the painting and decorating on the ship along with the other OMs.

    So to conclude

    WS = playing with big guns, driving ships and shooting down planes.

    CIS = sitting in an office drinking tea trying to get radios to work properly.

    Remember both jobs encompass a huge amount of painting and decorating as well.
  7. does ws involve being part of boarding parties
  8. During my time the general consensus was, if you volunteer anyone can be on the boarding party, chef, dabber, scablifter, can man*, whoever.

    This may now have changed since the ipod/fatbird incident in Iran. But yes, as WS you will be suited to boarding party duties due to your familiarity with weapons and the SA80 in particular, gained from endless hours standing on the gangway.

    Seriously though don't volunteer for boarding party, you just end up getting dicked for boarding party exercises and displays to impress foreign dignitaries when you could be ashore hanging out the back of some wren.

    *not really, the can man is too important for that.
  9. if you were waitin for your join date as a ws what would you recomend career wise to do i.e above water tactical,under water, electronic i know every will be differt as they wont all want to do the same thing but i just want to get an an idea from someone who asactualy done the trade am going in for?
  10. Burnsy it might be useful for you and other ws, to know that there are two radar systems that are currently in use, and you'll be allocated to one of these before you even join raleigh. Which basically means you don't get to choose which one you train for at phase 2. You can't really say which one is harder or easier than the other, because you usually get conflicting responses from different people.
    Plus you won't get to specialise in AWT/UW etc. until you reach LH. (but they do say that UW is harder if it makes any difference). You won't be the one driving the RIBS (but you can volunteer to board), that's what the S.S do now and they're also the ones doing morse code with lights, that's no longer part of CIS training.

    Hope that's helpful.
  11. so once am in and i want to give the boarding ago do i just volenter or do you have to get picked?
  12. Sorry i don't know about that structure
  13. no worries
  14. Sort of correct Mrbullcrap.

    There are not two types of radar system however there are two main types of computer system: ADAWS which is fitted to type 42s and carriers and CACS which is fitted to frigates I believe. I'm not sure what is fitted to 45s.

    Basically as a WS you will be trained to use one of these systems during phase 2 training. They both differ completely from each other and the system you train on will determine what types of ship you serve on. If you do ADAWS you are pretty much guaranteed a Pompey based ship. There maybe the opportunity to choose which system you train on if you are one of the top bods in your class and you ask nicely, otherwise as Mrbullcrap said, you will go were the mob needs you.

    As for specialising, AWW is the daddy, you get to play with big guns and shoot stuff and eventually there are opportunities to become a ceremonial instructor. Again as Mrbullcrap said this only happens when you become a killick.
  15. what is this, some kind of calm seas before the storm ??
  16. Yes you volunteer, it is rare to get dicked for it as you always get some gung ho booty wannabees who are gagging to do it.

    Mrbullcrap you are still a cnut but I am in a good mood. I just had a great noshing off the missus and I am about to go to the most epic ball of the year.
  17. Sorry what was I thinking, I just had an epiphony, a visit from a ghost if you like. There are actually three command systems ADAWS, CACS and SSCS which is on 23s, CACS is on 22s.

    And Mrbullcrap you are a complete and utter cnut and your presence on this site fills me with rage everytime I log on. If you do ever end up in the fleet, which is highly unlikely, I intend to have some of my oppos beat you to within an inch of your life and then throw you in 2 basin dry dock to make it look like suicide.

    Ahh thats better. :D
  18. Thank you for sharing that information with me, i think i'm getting piles
    Edited coz i like to keep a low profile :D
    don't worry about me too much i'll be fine but don't let that mental emage ruin your night, have a lovely evening.
  19. Oh i just missed that last comment whilst i was busy typing my own comment,
    well no Sir, now i do not hope for you to have a lovely evening.
  20. -

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