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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Navy_Wolf1987, Jul 18, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys Im interested in going into this branch just wondered what pay/promotion and type of career was like!?

    Anyone in this branch give me an insight into it!

    Thanks guys
  2. Yes seen that but wondered if there was anyone on here with first hand experience!!
  3. Please don't tell me you were born in '87? I was down the Gulf then.... it's finally happened to me then - proof I'm getting old. Bugger :-(
  4. Be prepared to spend a lot of time at sea, a good proportion of that at sea training or spending time in the gulf. A lot of my last division were MW, and they either loved it (in which case opportunities for promotion to PO were v v good) or hated it, and were putting their notice in. Try and get yourself on a MCMV before going for it, because I'm willing to bet not a single one of the ACLO staff you are dealing with will have had a small ship's draft.....
  5. Cheers Alfred!

    A lot of time at sea sounds good to me!! Why join the Navy if I don't fancy sailing the Seas eh!!!!
  6. That makes him 21 or 22 - not that odd really.
  7. Ta very much Naval gazer!!!!! Good pieces of infomation there and I'm grateful.

    This is definantly the career I want to persue in the Navy, just got to get my eye test down and pass the security checks and then prepare for an interview!
  8. It's a Muppet :p :p :p :p

  9. Thanks you Nugget :p :p
  10. Hello Navy_Wolf1987,In my humble opinion you cannot beat small ships,it is a different RN ,so much more relaxed and if you have the right crew then it can be an experiance you will never forget,

    I have served on a GMD,Leander class frigates,and a spell on the Ark,i had heard all the storys about small ships and didnt believe it until i was drafted to the Jersey which was an OPV,the thing is is that if your first draft is to a Mine sweeper then you possibly wont appreciate the small ship world as you would if your drafted from a larger ship,

    Good luck which ever way you go, 8)

    Noah's bugger :oops: ...........and the little ships was a boat, no not a submarine an open boat along with his skipper/ oppo Captain Bligh:oops: 8O :D

    Every where i am on this forum he is either one step behind me or two ferkin steps in front of me, :D
  13. A good shepheard always looks after the sheep. So lambsy get in the pen and shut up. And why were talking about sheep it means ewe.
    So ram it. 8O :twisted: :D

    I'll come clean I was asked to follow you around the site as being a ferkin GI you stand a chance of getting stuck in a forum..........2...3 8O :twisted:
  14. Cheers Norway! Yeah think thats the way Im going to go.
  15. Don't bother being a muppet...go diver instead..Divers are the better looking more intelligent athletic brothers of the poor lowly muppet. 8)
    At sea on a MCMV at Mine hunting stations, divers swan around watching videos or go into the ops room and show the muppets how to operate the MH sonar. When sweeping, divers swan around watching videos or show the muppets how to stream or recover sweeps. :p

    When shore based..muppets tend to be in buffer's parties or other boring drafts. Divers go to Bomb and mine disposal teams, travelling around the country being heroes and telling all the good looking women of the exploits. :twisted:

    So...Muppet...or Diver....???? Pass me that strange rubber romper suit and fins please!!! :wink:
  16. yeah but it was either warfare specialist, comms specialist, mine warfare specialist and I thought mine warfare would be cool!?!?

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