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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ROFLMAN, Dec 6, 2006.

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  1. can anyone tell me about the perks and the not-so-perks :p
  2. Hard to sell it Civvie-side these days.
  3. I agree - Probably one of the quickest ways to work yourself up the chain of command and earn some real spondulics.

    Should you ever feel the need to come out though, you'll feel it on the job front.

    I'm going for Medic Assistant or AET (Air Engineering Technician)

    But we shouldn't be discouraging people if they want to be a Warfare specialist. If it's what they want to do then good luck, it's not like we don't need new ones when the old ones retire. :)
  4. pros you get to see the sun wen your in the tropics

    con wen you see the sun you will be painting the ship

  5. will i be spending alot of time at sea? will i be painting the ship alot :(
  6. From what I've heard you do a lot of cleaning and decorating yes... but I'm sure all that would stop once you got promoted once or twice! :wink:
  7. The Warfare trade basically attends to ships husbandry onboard, upkeep and such. So yes you will be de-rusting, sanding, painting and greasing every single part of the upper deck, lockers and such (when your not doing your actual trade or on watch). You go where ever your ship goes, no say in that unfortunately. However, you work hard and play hard and it's a good job to have under your belt!
  8. I agree with Jenny, it's all good compared to washing and packing meat in a factory for 12 hours a day for a pittance!!!

    I hope to God I get in because there's nothing else around my area apart from factory work and filling shelves!

    I'm already buzzing at the thought of joining and even if I pass selection, I'm still a year, year and half away from going in!

    Get yourself to the AFCO mate!!!
  9. ive already passed selection ive gotta wait 4 months
  10. Oh well hear me offering you advice!! lol

    Good luck mate!

    I hope your pass with flying colors!

    I hope I get my turn too! :D
  11. It will be good to see some new blood in the dark blue these days hope you do well at Raleigh. Don't forget, It may appear to be a strange world at first but hang in there! It's worth it in the end. Iv'e done five year now, going for my leading hands next month and would not trade a single day of it. Need any advice, hints or just a chat give me shout lads.
  12. I agree, basic is meant go be a killer!

    Although my basic was the Army one where I didn't want to be there and hated every minute of it... so it's bound to have gotten to me!

    Although I imagine this time that it'll be a lot better for me if I get in, as I'm gonna be over-prepared, I'm gonna expect it to be worse and harder than Army training (Even though I've heard it's much easier), I'm gonna put 100% effort into it and most importantly, I've got no ties at home, no bird and no kids :D
  13. Do you have msn? Is 5 years typicaly the time you become leading hand? When does a "normal" rating occur from training?
  14. I thought Normal Rating rank came after finishing basic, but it's after you've passed your trade... so the longer your trade takes to learn, the more time it takes for you to become a rating!

    It's sort of unfair, I think your money should go up a bit after basic, as sort of a reward... especially if you win best recruit!
  15. Doesn't work like that lads, the reward for winning best recruit is in the satisfaction of having done so. :wink:
  16. Oh yeah, I imagine it's probably the best feeling ever!

    But there should be a little bonus!

    Even if it's just £15 a month.
  17. Why?
  18. Well, you've put the best effort in and worked the hardest at all times1

    I'm not saying it should be a disclosed amount - sort of a surprise!

    Or not even the money, but a little medal or something!
  19. Your the best of a bunch of trainees, compare yourself with guys who are six months ahead of you. Why should you be paid more than they are? They already know more than you.
    What are you going to do with a medal, wear it on your action working dress?
    You should be giving 100% to the navy not to get an award at the end of training but to show those above you that you actually deserve your place in the organisation.
    I reckon that you are in for a surprise when the top trainee's name is announced.
  20. It's been a while (nearly 15 years) I have to admit, but I do remember feeling top of the world.

    As for the pay rise thing, think about it a second......the Navy still can't really employ you to do your job after basic training alone, that's why you don't get a pay rise. I'm not sure what the rules are for individual trades nowadays, but I remember we got a payrise after what was called the SITP (Standard Initial Training Period) which was your time at Raleigh, followed by your branch training. I don't know if things are the same, but the fact remains that you don't, and to be fair, shouldn't in my opinion, get a pay rise straight after basic training.

    Good luck to you both anyway lads, as I said, I've been in just under 15 years and have loved every minute.

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