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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by IconicBuck, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. Just wondering as I'm at the stage of my application which is the pre medical checks, The required visual stander is V2 for a WS? does this change for the certain roles such as AWW? would you need better eye sight or not?
    My AFCO is closed for christmas so i cant ring a CO to find out. Im just a bit concerned as i only want to be a AWW if i join the warfare branch. If my eyesight is to bad id either join to be a WE or ME or join the army as infantry!
  2. If your eyesight is not good enough for a gunner what makes you think it's good enough for the infantry or engineering branches?
  3. It must be different out a sea then on land,out at sea everything looks the same and spotting out something far away must be harder, while on land as long as you get told were about the enemy is you can give suppressive fire.
    as a engineer you wouldn't have to look at things far away surly much closer.

    Thats my reasoning behind it anyway. Cant you just wear a part of glasses for a gunner?
  4. At the moment they're not streaming AWW's or AWT's seperately yet (although it is in the pipeline like already been done for UW's and EW's).

    So you'd join up as WS and you'll do both radar and gunnery.

    Even when they do stream them seperately Gunners and RP's will still be trained to do each others jobs anyway. As the ship's are too lean manned not to.

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  5. Is this a real thread or a grade A MK 1 bite? Brilliant and I guess you COULDNT make it up! I blame Call of Duty!!!!!
  6. What country are you from

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