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For my Son. Can anyone advise me on how long the waiting list is for WS these days ? What's the general consensus these days for a 16 year old to join up by AFCOs ? - Is it your eligible but come back when you are a bit older or more experienced like it used to be, or are they encouraged. He is quite street wise and can hold his own. If I din't think he was up to it I would have talked him out of joining so early.

Just a quick bit of advice please. He is going to making his own enquiries in the near future but I just want a quick heads up.

Cheers Shippers
The minimum age at which he could apply is 15 years and 9 months, so his application could easily start now. It's highly unlikely that he would be asked to go away and come back later; he sounds like a mature and capable 16 year old anyway.

There will be big gaps which he might not expect during his application, as the individual components - psychometric test, medical, pre-joining fitness test, interview - will be spaced out a bit to fit in with the longer waiting times, so it might seem as if he is going away and coming back later, but 16 year olds are enquiring and being given test dates and I see no reason why your son shouldn't enquire and sit the RT too. I would recommend going in to the AFCO in person, by the way.
I would say that he would probably get more out of the RN if he could wait until he is 18 before joining his first unit. There are some pressures floating around not to deploy under-18s, which may frustrate him greatly. However, as most of the AB2s in my watch took in excess of 2 years to join, he should (r should) be fine.....
It also depends on whether he's doing surface or submarines, as the submarines have a much shorter waiting time
Going by the AW in the title I reckon general surface ;)

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I applied for WS at 16 and I am still waiting to go in at 18 nearly 19. At the time my AFCO said that it was best to get my application in and get the ball rolling because of the waiting lists. I sat my RT when I was 16 as well in August 2010. At least if he applies now he can keep himself occupied with 6th form or college to gain qualifications and do something useful whilst he is waiting. Hope this has helped
hi i have my selection interview next week and just wanted to be clear on what i need to no for it. i no they ask bout yourself and your family life but what about th navy and the branch you want to join. please if anyone could help i want to be well prepared. cheers

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