Warfare Specialist and Seaman Specialist

Hi everyone, passed my Psychometrics test today for the royal navy so now I was just wanting a bit of information on the two I was wanting to joing as still undecided yet. The roles I have been looking at are Warfare Specalist and Seaman Specialist. I am aware of the roles and what they both consist of just would like to know if people would recommend them or not as I have heard mixed views. After finishing training is it true that all they make you do is clean and paint the ship etc? as this is not really what I want to be doing. I am aware that it all just comes down to personal opinion and preferance but views on these would be much appreciated as I dont want to make to wrong choice and be stuck in something I hate doing.

Thanks :)
First off, Welcome to the community :) and CONGRATULATIONS!!!.

As to the differences, I dont really know as I'm waiting to join too. However one of the resident oldies might be along soon to help you out

Everyone cleans on a ship; the more junior you are the more you clean. Whilst you may think this to be unfair, we don't have a separate "cleaning branch" to take to sea with us, so we do it for ourselves.

The main difference between the 2 branches is their workplace - as a Warfare Spec you will work in the Ops Room (mainly), and operate our sensors and weapons on behalf of the Commanding Officer and his Principal Warfare Officers. In the Seaman Spec branch, you will start off on the bridge, working for the Officer of the Watch, driving the ship and communicating with other ships.

As you progess through your chosen branch, you will typically take on a greater supervisory role, with some interaction (especially at action) at the coal-face. Both are rewarding career paths, and you will be an example of what people think the RN is about.
Operating the ship's boats is also the remit of the Sea Specs. Be it for routine transfers of people or stores, or less routine events such as man overboard.

ATG is spot on as always. I would summarise:

Warfare Spec - Ops Room based. Use radars / sonars / other systems to gather information for the Command to fight the ship, talk to other ships by radio, and other people in the ops room by intercom to exchange such information. If you are more inclined to look at a screen then this is poss for you.

Sea Spec (I would prefer it if this branch was called Seamanship and Tactical Support or similar): Not in the Ops Room. On the bridge steering the ship under the direction of the OOW, talking to other ships and port authorities on civilian VHF radio, communicating with other ships using radio and morse code by flashing light (it isn't that hard to learn morse). Involved in seamanship evolutions such as anchoring, replenishment at sea, boat work etc. I would say a more physical hands on role than WS.
Thanks for all the replies everyone, much appreciated.

I was aware that everyone has to clean, but just was not sure if it was true what people were saying, by saying all the warfare do is paint and scrub etc..

Was going to go for traffic control or communications but after reading into it a little bit more I feel that although i do want to be involved in little bit communications I would also like to be on the deck getting hands on also.

Thanks you for the replies everyone been a great help :)

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