Warfare Specialisms


Hi I just passed my RT and got the score I need for my first choice which was warfare specialist however with talking to the careers advisor after it learnt that I am not as familiar with the different specialisms within the warfare specialist role. Is there anyone who can possibly elaborate a bit more upon them as the royal navy website is a bit sparse for details on the specific specialisms.


Roles in Warfare Specialist:

AWT Radar (above water tactical) = Basically use long, medium and close range radar, which provides early of potential hostiles in sea, land or air.

AWW Gunner (Above water weaponary, what I'm going in as) = Using long and close range radar, you identify threats toward your ship and engage using various weapons to defend your ship.

EW (Electronic warfare) = You will use electro-magnetic spectrum to scan and identify hostile radars and weapon systems. Aswell as using your knowledge of your ships radar to provide the earliest possible warning of a threat or hostile.

UW (Underwater warfare) = You will work with IT which is based sonar equipment in order to identify submarines posing a hostile threat to your ship and those ships in company with you.

Hope this helps, you don't get to choose what role you want but you can have a preference. Also I believe some of the roles require you to pass certain exams.

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