Warfare Spec Promotion Ladder


Lantern Swinger

Is anybody on here a WS? I'm in the process of trying to join and just wondering is promotion based on how much effort you put in or is there like milestones you have to achieve prior to promotion.

I saw something about being an AB2 after Phase 2 then you go to AB1 or something similar.
You'll do phase one, which is basic training. Here you're recruit.

Then phase two, professional training. Here you're AB2.

Then phase three, task book training onboard. Here you're AB2.

When successfully completed task book and deemed competent you're promoted to AB1.

You'll remain AB1 until put forward for promotion. This is influenced by your annual appraisal's.

With warfare spec promotion depends on which sub branch you're in, aww, uw, ew and a few others, some are really low on numbers with fast promotion others not so much.