warfare spec or weapons engineer


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Yes I have mate but 18 month wait

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I think this is the best bet. I mean you could wait for a job you really think you'll enjoy, but why do that when you can potentially get in the mob a few months quicker. Wise man.


Being a WE I am biased but I think that any of the engineering branches are your best bet-good qualifications, working routines and a job where you will be constantly challenged to think for yourself. Or sea spec-hours of watchkeeping(bridge, gangway, ops room), endless cleaning and painting and very little to show for it at the end of your time.


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What do warfare specialists do when not at sea? Is weapons engineering all below deck or is it balanced outdoors/indoors? Dont wanna be stuck indoors the whole time hence my interest in warfare specialist

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Sensor displays and electronics associated with fire control are generally below decks but the "business" end of weapons are, of necessity, on the upper scupper. You'll get plenty of fresh air!

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