Warfare Potential Officers Aquaint Course - HMS collingwood

Hello all, was wondering if there is anyone who has previously been on a POAC to HMS collingwood that could tell me and others what to expect. Anyone else on for the 11-14/03/12 visit?
Hey I'm going on the same date as you. Been digging around using the search function on here and from what I have seen seen it includes Lectures, a bleep test and getting a better understanding of the Navy and what role you will play in it. If anyone has more detailed information id be glad to know!
Flankertanker - awesome stuff, cheers for the heads up about the beep test, I cant wait for that....:-|. What branch are you going for?
Only because i'm hoping to go in as observer/pilot, others may have had the same idea to try this course aswell even if it is not their chosen career path. Maybe people want to be surface warfare as opposed to submariner aswell??? (smarty pants :pottytrain2: )
I've been working at Collingwood and helped out with one of those courses a few months ago. You stay on HMS Bristol and eat in the wardroom at HMS Excellent. They bus you into HMS Collingwood every morning. You do lots of PLTs, team building exercises on the low ropes, write and deliver a 7 minute presentation on a topic of your choosing, have lectures on effective communication (they're pretty noddy to be perfectly honest) and on the final day you will have a visit to one of Her Majesty's finest war canoes!
You'll get evening leave and go out into Portsmouth for a few drinks on a couple of nights.

We did discuss what we thought about the guys on the course but I don't know how much of that information is passed on. No reports were written as far as I could see. The Officer who came down with them was really disinterested and spent most of the time on his phone whilst spinning gash dits about his sea time drinking all our tea and stealing our oxygen.
Warfare is Warfare whether that be GS or SM, yes the actual day to day jobs may be vastly different but they are still warfare (as are Observers and Pilots) :roll:
Sure maybe I am generalising and meant career instead...:sign2:. Aircrew generally though go to culdrose for a poac instead of collingwood.

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