Warfare officers training pipeline

Can someone tell me the current Warfare Officer training pipeline. Need to know for UY AIB. Have searched and the most recent thread is from 2015 so an up to date version would be hugely appreciated.
Unfortunately I don’t have any Warfare YOs around me, only 2 pussers. One is sending the emails to his Warfare mates but i wanted to try and find the information for myself.
There’s not been much change as far as I’m aware bud. In terms of detail, I wasn’t asked much in terms of my pipeline but others on the board got asked where they saw themselves going and how would they get there.

I think it’s best to play it safe and learn it in as much detail as you feel you need. A lot of the stuff I prepared for, I didn’t get asked so it’s always a bonus to have stashed away.


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I think, noting I don't have any YOs around either...


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BFT is now CFT (Common Fleet Time) ... again! ME's, WE's and Warfare now conduct this, with Logs YO's being brought in to the fold as well.

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