Warfare Officers - Awaiting Sift Interview


I've recently passed my PJFT In 10:30. I'm waiting for my AFCO to get in touch with me and give me my date for my Sift Interview.

I was wondering if anyone else has applied and is at the same stage as me, I've been told to expect a January intake with a view to me completing my AIB in October.

Just hoping to speak to some people who are at the same stage me, Warfare or otherwise :)
Hey there!

I am pretty much at the same stage as you. I'm applying for Warfare and am hoping for a January intake if all goes smoothly! I have my PJFT this coming Saturday so should be awaiting sift interview after that! :)
How have you found it so far? I think it's running quite quickly for me, I only applied in Feb and the time is flying by!

I was dreading the PJFT but I ran 10:30 comfortably, could of pushed for a little bit more but at least I hit the mark :)
You should smash it then! Never thought I'd hit 11:09 :p

In terms of timescale I was told it's dependant on your lieutenants availability. With January intake only 4/5 months away they need to get the Sift done either this month or next with a view to completing the AIB either September or October.

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It may differ if you are going full-time but for a reservist there was a 3month wait between SIFT & AIB (may also depend on branch needs).

Also, Master Janner beat me to a Persec post ;)

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@Load-of-Ship for RNR as a (hopeful) general entry officer looking to specialise in warfare branch I had my SIFT in June and will be having AIB in Nov. I was able to join my local unit as a phase-0 recruit in the meantime which has been a great experience to start learning about the service & how life as a reservist will go.

If you have specific questions, feel free to send a PM but as a said, I am just a Phase-0 at the min, Mods like Janner & the Ninja are better sources.


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I've got AIB in late October, but I can only be part of next year's September intake at the earliest. I'm also going for warfare!

The SIFT interview was really informal - didn't feel like an interview at all, really. An interesting question I was asked was "what can a Type 23 do for humanitarian aid?". I won't give away much else, but learn operations well - I was given a map of the world and asked where the Royal Navy is. The lieutenant asked me why we had a presence in the Caribbean, and after two minutes got bored of my answers and told me it was because we have territories there. So be careful to learn that sort of stuff well!